Blue Ocean Strategy

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Blue Ocean Strategy by Mind Map: Blue Ocean Strategy

1. Benefits/Outcomes

1.1. Learn

1.1.1. Do better (performance) Reduce Risk Leadership Solve Problem Reduce Error New Skills

1.1.2. Feel Better (about yourself) Confidence Awareness Reduce risk Status

1.1.3. Carreer Development Certification Confirmation of completion, learning Qualification Influence Status

1.1.4. Develop Better Relationships

1.2. Survival

1.2.1. Keep your job

1.3. Growth

1.3.1. Develop yourself

1.3.2. Increase your capacity

1.3.3. Increase your marketability and value

2. Alternative Industries

2.1. Voluntary/Growth

2.1.1. social activites Golf Family Yoga Friends Physical Training

2.1.2. Media Blog Documentaries Online courses Movies

2.1.3. Personal relationships/connectedness

2.2. Involuntary/Survival

2.2.1. Established Learning Institutions University Learning Tree

2.2.2. Authority Figures Formal Therapy Medical doctor Coach Informal Mentors Parents

2.2.3. At Work On the Job Training Performance Reviews What gets measured gets managed

3. Compulsory vs. Voluntary Learning

4. We are taking training for growth and survival