Tactile Learning

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Tactile Learning by Mind Map: Tactile Learning

1. My Preferred learning style is tactile learning. The best way for me to learn is to actually do what I am trying to learn or as people refer to it as hands on learning. For an example if I was to work with numbers it would be beneficial for me to actually have a physical object in the amount of the number to help me in what i am learning.

1.1. Task

1.2. Prerequisites

2. Learning style for online

2.1. This style of learning is not the best for online learning. to make it a applicable style of learning for online learning i try to cross it with visual learning. With some of the physical tactics of learning you with have to replace with having to visualize the objects instead of having that physical interaction. Like having to write down the amount or a picture of the amount instead of having an object as representation.

3. My Preferred learning style!

4. Characteristics of Tactile learning

4.1. prefer to be able to move around

4.2. conduct physical experiments

4.3. be able to touch objects

5. conclusion

5.1. Many people have different learning styles and ways they can understand material. None of the three different styles are better then the other but there is also no set rules that you have to stick to one curtain style either. Do what works for you and makes you a more successful student.