Tim's Learning Style Study

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Tim's Learning Style Study by Mind Map: Tim's Learning Style Study

1. Rusults

1.1. NC State University Results

1.1.1. Active and Reflective In this category I am well balanced having a one towards reflective. This says I can either just do a task or think about it first and won't have any problems.

1.1.2. Sensing and Intuitive This category showed I have a dominance for Sensing at a seven on the scale. I prefer learning facts over discovering possibilities

1.1.3. Visual and Verbal I have a well balanced dimensions of this scaling coming in at a three. I am able to benefit from either pictures and charts or the standard lecture method.

1.1.4. Sequential and Global Sequential learning is my forte for this category coming in at a seven. This is characterized as being better at learning in order from first to last opposed to learning in random succession.

1.2. Learning style inventory Results

1.2.1. I am predominantly a visual learner

1.3. How to Learn Results

1.3.1. Visual 50%

1.3.2. Auditory 19%

1.3.3. Kinesthetic 31%

2. Characteristics

2.1. Visual

2.1.1. Visual learners think as if things are movies or pictures. Using diagrams charts, movies, flipscreens, time lines, flow charts, note cards, or flash cards are helpful means to learning for this individual.

2.2. Kinesthetic

2.2.1. Kinesthetic or hands on learners are described as those who like to move around while learning. This learning style can be catered to by having practical applications, dissections, or even building models.

2.3. Auditory

2.3.1. This type of learner prefers the lecture method best. Being told how to do something opposed to reading about it works better for this individual.

3. Conclusion

3.1. Visual learner

3.1.1. Everyone including myself has a mixture of all the learning capabilities with a dominance of one mostly. With the data given, it is said I could be a visual learner overall. As a visual learner, I like to see what I am learning through different forms of media. Picturing things in my head is the best way to remember. Visual learners like to stay neat and organized in their work setting. Another characteristic is that visual learner, like myself, learn by building or making things with their hands. Learning online is great for me. I am able to visually see the material that is being presented and reviewing is just as easy by clicking the link. The material is always present and in order.

4. Introduction

4.1. Before taking the different tests, I always thought that I learned best by the traditional setting class through a combination of lecture and power point slides. This study showed that I actually lean to more to one method than another.