My Personal Learning Style

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My Personal Learning Style by Mind Map: My Personal Learning Style

1. Each individual has a way of learning that suits them best. This is called a "learning style". The most commonly used learning styles are: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

1.1. Knowing your personal learning style is helpful. When you are aware of how you learn most naturally, you can use that knowledge to study information in the way that your mind will retain it the best. There are many different tests available online and in book format to help you learn your individual learning style.

1.1.1. I took 3 online tests, all of which pointed to my learning style being Visual. This is not something that surprised me, as I have always suspected this. I can remember what I read better than what I hear. Online learning environments often offer a lot of reading. If I need to find more information, I can utilize the internet to find more reading material to further understand a point. I am decent at spelling. I am a note taker. I like diagrams and charts to help me better understand an idea or concept. There many note taking and visual aid apps and programs available, such as this one. I will attempt to use them as often as possible and learn how to better use them. I prefer reading a story over hearing it. I do my best thinking in a quiet, uninterrupted work space. Because of the flexibility of an online learning environment, I will plan times that I can learn and study without other people and distractions around.