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Imperialism by Mind Map: Imperialism

1. Economic

1.1. Many powerful Countries in Europe wanted more resources to fuel Industrialisation and their factories

1.1.1. Going along with the economical side of Geopolitics, some of the land that was taken contained oil, or other valuable resources that factories needed for production. Britain controlled India for its resources. Britain was "The world's workshop" when the industrial revolution was occurring, and India supplied those resources.

1.1.2. This meant that even peaceful people were taken and forced into a new lifestyle, just because the land that they walked on had oil under it. Many Indians felt controlled and used. Britain regulations on their economy made it so they couldn't function on their own. So they had to rely on Britain. They also were NOT allowed to compete with British goods. This stopped a lot of business because cheaper good would come from England, and undercut Indian goods.

2. Political

2.1. More Countries wanted Power and Political control over African and some Asian nations so they could have more power and control

2.1.1. Geopolitics is something a lot of people believed in. It means taking land for strategic value, or the economical side is taking land for its resources There were many ways to rule conquered land. Two of which were direct, and indirect rule. Direct rule meant that the people conquering would send their own troops to govern the land. And indirect rule was having the elected official, or an official that followed their rule would govern the area.

2.1.2. An example of this would be the Ottoman Empire controlled a very nice path to the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea, Russia wanted this, They attempted being nice. And well that lead to war. Over a path to water In 1914 Britain controlled the entirety of Nigeria. This area was hard to control, since Nigeria was so culturally diverse. Britain simply didn't have enough troops to govern the area themselves, so they indirectly ruled Nigeria. This worked for some parts, but for many others it did not. Some Nigerian people were so displeased, they would revolt. They're views and cultures were too different, and some people couldn't live together. This resulted in revolts.

3. Social

3.1. A lot of countries that participated in Imperialism wanted to spread their beliefs. This could've consisted of Religion, Political views, and social standards.

3.1.1. A lot of europeans believed in Social Darwinism, and that they were naturally better than other people. They believed they were the first on the planet, and everything was theirs. In the early 1800s, more and more Indians wanted to become more modern.

3.1.2. Because of this feeling of entitlement, they would take more and more land from Nigeria for example, change their culture and separate their people This lead to Nationalist groups forming around 1885. Britain discouraged this and eventually disbanded the groups and separated the country so the Hindu and Muslim groups were apart. This would lead to growing conflict over India's control.