Real Estate Office of the Future Part II  for The Technology Savvy Agent by Glenn Sanford Founder...

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Real Estate Office of the Future Part II  for The Technology Savvy Agent by Glenn Sanford Founder and CEO eXp Realty LLC See: by Mind Map: Real Estate Office of the Future Part II  for The Technology Savvy Agent by Glenn Sanford Founder and CEO eXp Realty LLC See:

1. Business Plan

1.1. Mission

1.1.1. Environmentally Conscious Low Bricks and Mortar Footprint Paperless Online Transaction Management Policies and Procedures Best Practices

1.1.2. Be E-Agent Centric Support Agent's Businesses Develop Strategies to Supplement the Agent's Businesses Corporate Lead Generation

1.1.3. Lead / Not Follow

1.1.4. Be Current on the Use of Web 2.0 Platforms CRM's email / calendaring / documents Wiki MindMapping

1.1.5. Engage Social Media Facebook FanPages Private Groups Blogging Collaborative Blogging Wordpress

1.2. Green

1.2.1. How Support Green Designations Buy Carbon Offsets Make a Commitment to Sustainability

1.3. Building Your Brand


1.4. Recruiting and Retaining Talent

1.4.1. Recruit LinkedIn Craigslist Facebook ActiveRain Word Of Mouth Cross Sales

1.4.2. Retain Why are Agents Going to Stay with Your Firm? Can the Revolving Door Ever Stop? Business Planning Clinics Education Mentor Programs Revenue / Profit Share Other Glue

1.5. Systems

1.5.1. Transaction Management Fidelity Transaction Point NAR Relay Zoho Creator eSignature Direct Deposits of Commissions B of A Business Connect with ACH Check by Fax or Scan for Faster Company Deposits

1.5.2. Agent Management Build Out Forms to Track virtually anything Can Transition to Google App Engine Easy to Use Scripting Language

1.6. Physical Office Space

1.6.1. Online Office Face Private Groups

1.6.2. Home Office

1.6.3. Mobile Office Connectivity Hotspots 3G Wimax

1.6.4. Drop In Space Regus/HQ Office Nomads Affiliates Title and Escrow Lender Offices

1.6.5. Major Benefit Reducing Need for any one particular physical space increases office reach

1.6.6. Physical Office Space Centralized Transaction Brokerage Services State Requirements for Office? What do your agents demand? What do agents who you are recruiting demand?

1.7. Education

1.7.1. Informal vs Formal

1.7.2. IRL Mentor Programs Social Events Host REBarCamp RE Tweet-ups

1.7.3. Virtual Webinar 3D Immersive Collaborative Educational Environments 3D Immersive Wiki's Classes New Agent Intermediate Level Training Web 2.0 Real Estate

1.7.4. Mentor Programs Formalize a Mentor Program with Measurable Outcomes with Your Agents and Mentors

1.7.5. Calendar Google Apps Calendar

1.8. Commission Splits

1.8.1. 100% Plans

1.8.2. Split Plans

1.8.3. Salary + Bonuses

1.9. Recruiting Benefits

1.9.1. Profit Share

1.9.2. Residuals

1.9.3. Revenue Share

1.10. Agent Benefits

1.10.1. CRM

1.10.2. Wordpress Blog Hosting

1.10.3. Virtual Tour Products for their Listings

1.11. Lead Generation

1.11.1. For Agents

1.11.2. For Consumers

1.11.3. CRM Integration

1.12. Social Media Strategies

1.12.1. Facebook Fan Pages

1.12.2. Twitter

1.12.3. LinkedIn

1.12.4. YouTube

1.13. Website

1.13.1. Company

1.13.2. Local Market

1.13.3. IDX Considerations Map Based Mashups Search Saver / VOW

1.13.4. SEO

1.13.5. Content Syndication

2. Example Org Chart

2.1. Advisory Board Made up of Top Agents Staff and Target Clients

2.1.1. Broker Admin Staff Agent Management Transaction Management Book Keeping Sales Manager Agents National Lead Manager Marketing Manager Press Releases Major Blog Posts Syndicate Content Social Media Manager Oversee Collaborative Blogging Corporate Twitter Corporate Fanpage Social Media Coaching

2.1.2. Tech Staff Website Company Site Lead Generation Sites Social Media Fan Page for Company Twitter Feed Fan Page for City or Major Market Saas Set-ups Google Apps

3. Invite

4. Introduction

4.1. About

4.1.1. Glenn Sanford Member of the Executive Team of a Number of Tech Companies in the 90's Founded Two Web Technologies Companies in the 90's InterActive Cafe - Took Public in 2000 Started in Real Estate April 29, 2002 2002 - Rookie of the Year - Selling 17 properties to Clients I met online 2003 - Top Buyer's Agent and #3 Agent in Office - Prudential Kelstrup REALTORS 2004 & 2005 - Top Agent and Team - Keller Williams Western Realty 2006 - Top Agent / Team in Washington State and #49 Nationally - KW 2007 - Founded BuyerTours Realty October 2009 - Renamed BuyerTours Realty to eXp Realty Totally New Business Model Focusing on a lot of what we are going over today. The Framework for the Presentation is this New Paradigm of a Real Estate Office / Brokerage

4.1.2. eXp Realty Corporate: Web: Facebook: Other References:

4.1.3. This Mindmap Braindump Business Planning Device Easy to Reorganize More Freeflowing

5. Trends

5.1. Environmental

5.1.1. Sustainability

5.1.2. Carbon Footprint

5.1.3. Recycle / Reuse

5.1.4. Paperless

5.2. Bricks and Mortar

5.2.1. Declining Value Environment

5.2.2. Traditional Office Costs tend to be higher then Office Output Benefits

5.3. Technology Trends

5.3.1. Cloud Based

5.3.2. Mobile Office

5.3.3. iPhones and Android

5.4. Education Trends

5.4.1. Formal vs Informal Learning

5.4.2. E-Learning

5.5. Commission Splits

5.5.1. E-Agents Demand a Higher Commission Split Why? They Don't Need the Physical Office Space They Tend to do their own Online Lead Generation They tend to know more then their broker about current tech trends They Ask the Question: What does my office provide that's worth $X?

5.6. Profit / Residuals / Revenue Sharing

5.6.1. Fastest Growing Companies in the last 10 years share with their agents

5.7. How Buyer's Found the Home They Purchased

5.7.1. 36% Agent

5.7.2. 36% Internet

5.7.3. 12% Yard Signs

5.7.4. 6% Someone they knew

5.7.5. 5% Home Builders

5.7.6. 2% Print

5.8. How Properties are Marketed

5.8.1. Print Accounts for less then 2% of Sales

6. Target Agent

6.1. High Tech

6.2. Social Media Adept

6.2.1. Facebook

6.2.2. LinkedIn

6.2.3. Twitter

6.2.4. Believe Social Media will take marketshare from Word of Mouth

6.3. About Online Marketing

6.3.1. Markets on Multiple Sites Facebook Fan Pages

6.4. Is Taking Marketshare from Traditional Agent / Teams

6.5. Is All About Collaboration

6.5.1. REBarCamps

6.5.2. Meetups

6.6. Doesn't need a Physical Office

6.6.1. Has the Tech Tools Necessary to Compete

6.6.2. Has his/her Laptop and can operate from anywhere

6.7. Understands where the market is going and wants to arrive their before the masses


6.8. Is a Student of the Business

6.8.1. Continually Reading

6.8.2. Visiting Competitive Websites

6.8.3. Regularly Reading ActiveRain

6.8.4. Listening to targeted Twitter Streams

6.8.5. Networking with Likeminded Agents

6.9. Is Continually Working on Improving

6.9.1. Studies Sales to

6.9.2. Understand the Motivation of Clients

6.9.3. To Help them Get Over any Hurdles in their Own mind as it relates to Buying and Selling

6.10. Speed of Implementation