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Cameroon by Mind Map: Cameroon

1. Biographic

1.1. Population: 22 million

1.2. Religion: 40% Catholic, 40% Traditional African beliefs, 20% Muslim

1.3. Life expectancy is low. 57 years old is the life expectancy.

1.3.1. There is only .08 physicians for every 1,000 people in Cameroon.

2. Infrastructure

2.1. Sanitation Issues: 54.8% of the population has unimproved sanitation.

2.2. Drinking Water: 25.9% of population has unimproved water treatments for drinking water.

2.3. 35,000 km of roads. Only 4,500 km of roads are paved.

3. Geography

3.1. Cameroon is surrounded by Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Gulf of Guinea.

3.1.1. Boko Haram has been attacking in Nigeria and recently had an attack in Cameroon.

3.1.2. Generally do not get a long with one another.

3.1.3. Will these countries be able to get along to form a plan to combat Boko Haram? Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Benin, and Chad pledge to form 8,750 multinational force to combat Boko Haram.

3.2. Natural Hazards of poisonous gases from Lake Nyos and from Mt. Cameroon (volcano)

4. Politics

4.1. Gov: Republic, Multiparty

4.1.1. 3 branches Executive: Includes President, Chief of State, and Cabinet Legislavtive: Bicameral system. Senate and a National Assembly Judicial: Supreme Court of Cameroon

4.2. Mixed legal system between English common law, French civil law, and customary law

4.3. Compared to other African countries Cameroon is stable

4.4. Corruption is fairly high.

5. Economic

5.1. Agricultural Products, coffee, cocoa, cotton ,rubber ,bananas ,livestock, timber

5.1.1. Agriculture remains backbone of economy. 42% of GDP

5.2. Petroleum production and mining, Aluminum production

5.2.1. Get investors and big business into Petroleum production BP, ExxonMobile, ChevronTexaco, Shell

5.3. 3.8% unemployment rate

5.4. Cameroon imports from: Nigeria(16%), France(12%), China(11%), India(4%), Netherlands(4%).

5.5. Cameroon exports to: China(15%), Spain(11%), Portugal(9.7%), Netherlands(7.7%), India(7.1%)

6. Science/Tech

6.1. Telephones: 738,000 have land lines. 13 million have cell phones

6.2. Internet Hosts: 10,000. Internet Users: 750,000

7. Military/Armed Forces

7.1. Army

7.2. Navy

7.2.1. In 2014, Cameroon was given 2 navy boats from China.

7.3. Air Force

7.3.1. 30 total aircrafts

7.4. Cameroon increased military budget in 2015.

7.4.1. $370,000,000

7.4.2. why? Increased border security especially after the Boko Haram attacks. Fears of going to war with neighbor, Nigeria.