California Vaping Company

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California Vaping Company by Mind Map: California Vaping Company

1. Alan "The Chemist"

2. Dakoda "The CEO"

3. Chris "The Grinder"

4. 1. Cloud Competition

4.1. Open film w/ Cloud Comp - 2 vapers competing head to head for who has the bigger cloud - hook the viewers and grab their attention by immediately immersing them within the lively and communal atmosphere of modern day vape culture

4.2. Miscellaneous shots of the competition and spectators

4.2.1. Miscellaneous shots of different Mods & Vape hardware Miscellaneous shots of different juices

4.3. We want to highlight the fact that Vaping is more than just a cool new way to smoke; it has become a community/subculture of diverse individuals that enjoy sampling flavored e-juices and constantly upgrading their hardware

4.3.1. The Mod or smoking device is not just an electronic cigarette or battery - it has become a status symbol within the vaping community

5. 2. The Context

5.1. Once the Cloud Comp segment cuts to black, we will use a few short statements to provide viewers with some brief context as to where the Vape Industry currently stands in regards to the Government & Federal Regulations via the FDA

5.2. vape vāp/ informal verb 1. inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

5.2.1. Vaping is a 1.5 billion dollar industry that is currently unregulated by the Federal Government. The California Vaping Company is a soCal corporation that is at the very forefront of this growing industry

6. 3. California Vaping Company

6.1. Introduce the California Vaping Company through an exterior shot of their storefront window decal

6.1.1. We now shift our focus to CVC and introduce the main characters of this story: Dakoda, Alan & Chris

7. 4. Introduce Dakoda

7.1. The first shot of Dakoda will take place inside of his office - he will be speaking on the phone to either a client, or potential retail vendor

7.1.1. Dakoda will be introduced simply as "The CEO" He will be asked the following questions: 1. What is your name? Tell us a little bit about your background. What exactly is the California Vaping Company? What does your business specialize in? Why did you get into this business? What excites you about flavored e-juice and the vape industry as a whole? What motivates you to show up to work everyday? What keeps you pushing forward? Do you believe that the Vape Industry is in need of strict regulations? How do you self regulate the e-juice you provide to customers? (this question will be used as a segue into the lab segment) Why should someone vape instead of smoke cigarettes? Do you assist customers in figuring out a path to slowly lower their nicotine levels?

8. 5. A Busy Day At The Shop

8.1. Dakoda's answers to the various questions will be used as a Voice Over, and placed atop miscellaneous shots taken at the store during a very busy weekday

8.1.1. Miscellaneous shots of Dakoda socializing and helping customers Once again, we want to capture the shop on a very busy day and show Dakoda and his coworkers and employees bonding with customers and also show them working their butt off in order to meet their customers needs and keep their small business and dreams alive

8.1.2. Miscellaneous shots of employees and co-workers assisting customers

8.1.3. Misc shots of customers viewing merchandise and purchasing product

9. 6. Introduce Alan

9.1. The first shot of Alan will take place inside the lab - he will be in the process of mixing a new flavor

9.1.1. Alan will be introduced simply as "The Vape Chemist" He will be asked the following questions: 1. What is your name? Tell us a little bit about your background. What are the main ingredients that make up E-Juice? How does your mixing process differ from other e-juice companies? How often do you come out with a new flavor? Do you feel that flavoring your e juice will attract younger people to try smoking?

10. 7. The Lab

10.1. Alan's answers to the various questions will be used as a Voice Over, and placed atop miscellaneous shots of flavors being mixed in the Lab

10.1.1. Miscellaneous shots of lab equipment

10.1.2. Misc shots of Alan in the lab - mixing, pouring, measuring, etc I want to capture the professionalism and seriousness that is displayed by Alan in the lab - I want the audience to understand that Alan is a trained chemist and he takes his work very seriously and has a lot of pride in his finished product

11. 8. Introduce Chris

11.1. The first shot of Chris will take place inside the shop's smoking/vape lounge - he will be sitting alone in a large comfortable chair, sampling new, potential flavors

11.1.1. Chris will be introduced as "The Grinder" He will be asked the following questions What is your name? Tell us a little bit about your background How important is marketing within the vape industry?

12. 9. Packaging

12.1. Chris's answers to the various questions will be used as a VO and placed atop misc shots of the flavors being bottled, labeled and packaged

12.1.1. Flavors being poured into small glass bottles

12.1.2. Labels being placed onto small glass bottles

12.1.3. Employees packaging labeled glass bottles and prepping them for delivery

13. 10. Conclusion

13.1. Dakoda, Alan and Chris and chilling in the lounge, relaxing and vaping their flavors

13.2. Some employees come to join them in the lounge area - they are all relaxing and vaping after a long day of work (even the dogs come and join them too!)

13.3. The purpose of this scene is to once again capture the sense of community that exists within the vaping scene and also show the sense of comradery that exists between the various staff at CVC is more than just a corporation, it's a family.

13.4. Dakoda, Alan & Chris each answer a couple of final questions:

13.4.1. What do you believe the future holds for the Vape Industry?

13.4.2. Where do you (CVC) want to be in there next five years?

13.4.3. What are some new flavors that we can expect in the very near future?

13.4.4. What does this company mean to you?