Google Apps for Education by Haliya Bint-Habib

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Google Apps for Education by Haliya Bint-Habib by Mind Map: Google Apps for Education by Haliya Bint-Habib

1. Benefits for Teachers

1.1. Teachers have the ability to create content, share assignments, grade work, and provide feedback in a paperless fashion.

1.2. Teachers can begin discussions instantly and provide students with important announcements

1.2.1. speaking from my own personal experience, I know that my own children don't check their school gmail account on any sort of regular basis. :(. Everyone needs to be complicit for good communication to work. mmcwherter

1.3. Teachers can create and store one document on their Google drive and then share it with the whole class or selected students.

1.4. Teachers can monitor students' work submissions in real time.

1.5. Google Apps is completely free, provides 24/7 support, and does not reserve the right to own content entered into any of its programs.

1.5.1. This is a nice feature! Teachers and students alike do not have to worry about having to fight (legal battle) for their own work. -- jcronan

2. Lifelong Learning

2.1. Google for Education Basics allows teachers to learn the fundamental knowledge needed to effectively use the internet tools provided by Google. Teachers select one of the many Applications run by Google to learn about it, once he/she is confident, they take the Google Exam to prove their understanding.

2.1.1. This is a nice way to transition a teacher into using this tool - eliminates a Professional Training workshop! DDeVido

2.2. Feeling Confident with your Basic knowledge? Get ready to become an expert as you indulge in more advance features of Google Apps for Education; this will prepare one for his/her Google Educator exams. Upon successful completion of five exams, participants will receive a Google Educator certificate.

2.3. People who successfully complete the basic and advanced level training, will have the option of becoming a Google Apps for Education trainer in which they will teach other educational professionals the skills needed to operate the program.

2.3.1. I wonder if this allows you to get paid? Regardless, something good to add to a resume! DDeVido

2.4. If you still want to go even further, sign up to become a Google Certified Teacher; this program allows participants to participate in a free professional development experience that is aimed at primary and secondary educators from around the world. The Seminar is an intensive two-day event in which participants will engage in hands-on experiences with Google tools, learn about innovative instructional strategies, receive resources to share with colleagues etc.

2.4.1. I didn't realize that google had this option of being a google certified teacher. That seems like a great opportuinity to learn and use the different tools that are available on google docs. mmcwherter

3. Benefits for Students

3.1. Students can interact with classmates via discussion boards.

3.1.1. Collaboration! I love it! -Crystal Hampson

3.2. Student can see all of their upcoming assignments in one place--the assignment page.

3.2.1. I think this is great for students, but even better for the parents! -Crystal Hampson

3.3. Students can complete assignments on their computer and upload them to their teachers from anywhere.

3.3.1. My understanding is that it automatically saves everything you do so there is no more "my computer shut down mid typing!" DDeVido I used to work in a private school with students with disabilities. We didn't have very many laptops or computers in the classroom, but we did have Chrome books in which used google apps. Many of the students I worked with had social and emotional disorders and could get pretty aggressive at times. I can't tell you how many times I had students stop working on their work and another student close out of the window (Google Docs) that they were working in (by accident). Something of this magnitude could and often times would set them off (become either verbally and/or physically aggressive). Once we talked to them and calmed them down and showed them that we still had all their work, they were good to go. This is a great tool/feature of Google Apps. --jcronan

3.4. Students can access assignments an content via computer, laptop, tablet, or their smartphone.

3.4.1. This is a really flexible option - does not limit students to only a computer. DDeVido

3.4.2. I like this. to be able to go from home to school and back and not worry about if you have your documents with you either in hard copy or on some sort of drive. "the dog ate my homework" excuse.

4. Included Applications

4.1. Google Classroom

4.1.1. I was not aware of all of these features and their ability to be used in conjunction with Google Apps! DDeVido

4.2. Gmail

4.3. Google Drive

4.4. Google Calendar

4.5. Google Sheets

4.6. Google Docs

4.7. Google Slides

4.8. Google Sites

4.9. Google Play for Education

4.9.1. Does anyone know what this is about? I wonder ? mmcwherter

5. How does Google Apps for Education Differ from a personal Account?

5.1. Google Classroom is available exclusively through Google Apps for Education

5.2. Teachers receive a professional email ( instead of

5.2.1. I think this is a nice feature to have, seems way more professional, and less personal. DDeVido

5.3. Teachers enjoy shared access to Drive, Calendar, and Docs

5.3.1. The students also have access to Google Docs which is great for collaborative work should they have access to the internet. DDeVido

5.4. There is absolutely no advertising throughout the site.

5.5. Creator has full administration of all user accounts.

5.6. I think my home school district may have a google apps for education account. my kids emails are all gmails. and I know that my son uses google docs for his papers. mmcwherter. he has hel[ped me more than once when I was working on group projects.

6. ISTE Standards

6.1. If Teachers promote the idea of incorporating Google Apps for education into their classrooms they are acknowledging and highlighting the importance and benefits of using technology to further students overall learning. They are promoting students interest, appealing to the different learning styles, and encouraging student interaction (in a way that most students communicate via social media).

6.2. If students use this tool they will have an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with peers and teachers, learn or demonstrate digital citizenship, and build new ideas upon what they already know about the use of technology.

7. Want to learn more Please access the link: