Professional Responsibility

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Professional Responsibility by Mind Map: Professional Responsibility

1. Haley - As a teacher and coach, you will be in charge of many fundraisers and other events that will involve school funds. It is imperative that you handle all funds and school equipment properly. Misuse of these items can/will result in termination.

2. Chandler- As a teacher, it is important to be trustworthy. To falsify reasons for absences breaks standard two of the code of ethics. Co-workers and students need someone who is trustworthy. As a teacher, being honest holds us accountable for the things that we do.

3. Sydney: This article talks about a teacher getting fired for having picture of alcohol on her Facebook. The pictures are completely harmless but, she still got fired for them. Watch out what you post! Teachers are ROLE-MODELS !

3.1. Haley - Great point Sydney. Teachers must present themselves as "model citizens" in which they do no wrong. Social media can hurt us so we must be aware of what we put out there!

3.2. Charles- Yes, once we take on the responsibilities of educators, we become like politicians, constantly for public review. If we can't handle that idea, we need to find another profession, right?

4. Molly- Skills are goingto be different with every grade. Make sure you know the difference between middle school and high school students.

5. Relationships

5.1. Chandler- One bit of advice I learned from a coach today was to keep parents at a certain distance. It's important for the parents to know that you are their child's coach and not their buddy. Also, players need to understand that you are their coach and not their buddy. Once you become either the child or parent's buddy, the child or parent will feel entitled that the child should have special privileges.

5.2. Communication is KEY! Keep constant communication with administration, colleagues, students and parents. The more it seems your interested the more interested people will be in you and your PE program.

5.3. Molly- Relationships with your colleagues are so important. All teachers know the stress of getting your first job and how hard you have to work to keep it. This article talks about 5 ways to build relationships with your colleagues.

5.3.1. Haley- Love the tips on building professional relationships. Nice to see something other than unprofessional relations.

5.4. Robert- Relationships with your students need to stay professional at all times. I think it is important to show students you care about their well being, but you never want to cross any boundaries with your students.

5.5. Haley- Forming professional relationships is imperative to building a successful program. When the community, colleagues, administrators, and students has a positive viewing towards you the better off you will be. With that being said, all relationships must remain PROFESSIONAL.

5.6. James- It is always important to communicate. However, it is more important to know how to communicate and who you are communicating with. Having a variety of technology to communicate with improves your PE program greatly only if your relationships with peers or students is professional, consistent, and efficient.

5.7. Charles-There is just no place for such conduct, teacher or any adult/child interaction. However this continues to happen, at alarming rates. This can go hand in hand with communication. If there is adequate awareness among administrators and peers, such incidents can be avoided or shutdown before they get this far.-

6. Code of Ethics

6.1. Molly- Teacher and student relationships are happening all over America in this day and time. We have to be the teachers who stop this trend. This is not okay no matter who you are or what you do.

6.2. Robert- As a teacher you should always show great professional conduct. You need to have a very professional relationship with all your colleagues, and always act professional around your students.

6.3. James- Like any other job, as a teacher, you are required to follow the requirements on the contract you sign. You cannot abandon a duty just because your classroom management is the best in the school or your volleyball team just won the state championship. In this article is an example of violating contract.

7. Developmental Appropriateness

7.1. Chandler- Developmental appropriateness is key when preparing a lesson for your secondary students. Middle school needs sport modified games because they are still working on their locomotor skills. As the students progress to high school, their locomotor skills become more refined.

7.1.1. James-The younger students are less cognitively and physically developed than the other students so their developmentally appropriateness level will be less complicated than the older students.

7.1.2. Charles-Children do not automatically develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to regular and enjoyable participation in physical activity. They must be taught. The responsibility for this instruction is vested primarily in physical education programs in the schools.


7.2. Different ages mean different levels. As a PE teacher you have to figure out those different levels of human development and work with them.

7.3. Robert- The younger a student is the more you need to work on their skills. The older the students get the more refined their skills will become. In high school students skills will become more specialized towards things that interest them individually.

7.3.1. Haley - I , too, believe perfecting. Learning a skill improperly is just as bad if not worse than not learning the skill at all.

7.4. Haley - A younger student must first learn fundamentals and the basic techniques of a skill in order for them to be successful. A task should challenge a student but yet achievable. Skills should act as building blocks, becoming more challenging and complex as the student gets older.

8. Positive Example

8.1. Chandler- Being a positive example is one of the most important parts of being a teacher, especially for a PE teacher. Students and even teachers look up to you all the time to see how you handle adversity. The way we handle adversity will teach students how to handle their adversity.

8.2. Do as you say! You are a PE teacher and you should be fit! Students will be more likely to listen to you if they see that you mean what you say.

8.3. Molly- As a PE teacher, we are looked up to as role models. Most of us will be coaches too and will have the respect of most players. We have to make sure we give them something to look up to.

8.4. Robert- I think one of the best ways to set a positive example and be a role model is to simply lead by example. If you do things the right way at all times hopefully your students will see that and do the same.


8.4.2. Haley- leading by example is a great way to ensure you are being that positive role model that your students need.

8.5. Haley - Do things right and do the right thing; something we should all keep in mind throughout our career. We are held at higher standards and should always be a positive role model for our students and everyone else around us.

8.6. James- As a teacher, you are held to higher standards than everyone else in the world. People watch your every move. Therefore, it is important to be a positive role model and lead by example. This will make people respect you and want to be positive as well.

9. Charles- Lead by example. That says it all.