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11'09''01 by Mind Map: 11'09''01

1. Iran

1.1. Themes

1.1.1. "9/11

1.1.2. Child labour

1.1.3. How bad living conditions affect people.

1.1.4. Children´s living conditions and how the environment affects them.

1.1.5. Even though New York is far away, they know what happened.

1.1.6. "

1.1.7. "The side of terrorism that we don't see.

1.1.8. We definitely see how and what small children are doing and thinking under. America apparently wants to bomb Afghanistan.

1.1.9. "

1.1.10. "That not all of them know what happened

1.1.11. Childrens innocence"

1.1.12. A supposed preference of American victims over victims in Iran. We hear about children whose close family members died due to either fanatics or accidents caused by the general struggle in Iran.

1.1.13. "9/11

1.1.14. Terrorism

1.1.15. Child labor

1.1.16. we see how the kids thinks, and how the parents hide the real stories from them."

1.1.17. "That not all of them know what happened

1.1.18. Childrens innocence"

1.1.19. war, school, weapons, work, teachers, poor people

1.1.20. ignorance

1.1.21. "This is a third world film. We see a VERY simple world where they make bricks with mud, and the kids are in a very primitive school.

1.1.22. "

1.1.23. Innocense

1.1.24. The theme was to show, that there was also Afghans, who felt sorrow after the attack. Also how children fail to understand what death really is,

1.1.25. The way Iran tooks at 9/11

1.1.26. igaorance

1.1.27. I thnik a theme in the first film is ignorance. Ignorance about what happen in New York. They are building shelters to precept themselves but they don't know what they are processing themselves against. They don't know that bricks won't protect them against atomic bombs

1.1.28. "i think the theme is ignorance and that they dont have any knowledge about the situation in the United Stats.

1.1.29. it also questions religion, and in god. "

1.1.30. Why is it important for the kids?

1.1.31. I think the film deals with poverty and tragedy.

1.1.32. "Child labour

1.1.33. A poor environment

1.1.34. How the bad environment affect the childrens

1.1.35. "

1.1.36. "- Death

1.1.37. Children

1.1.38. "

1.1.39. "how kids understand a big news.

1.1.40. all people isent for 09/11 "

1.1.41. Hard environment for the children in the warzone.

1.1.42. An important theme might be which role the children have in a disaster like 9/11. It's hard for them to understand such a big thing and its hard for the teacher to catch their attention as well.

1.1.43. A poor environment, and how it affects the children's life.

1.1.44. The childrens´ point of view of the incident.

1.1.45. How children understand the situation.

1.1.46. "Children

1.1.47. Create a better furture"

1.1.48. "ignorance

1.1.49. "

1.1.50. The children does't understand that such a thing as 9/11 can happen.

1.2. Stylistic tool

1.2.1. Children, feelings, facts, films the environment.

1.2.2. """god kills people, he doesn't make airplanes""

1.2.3. In this klip, we see small children reflect over the 9/11 incident, not only that but it seems like they reflect over terrorism in general. "

1.2.4. "use children

1.2.5. Poor areas

1.2.6. education"

1.2.7. It's said that children speak honestly and innocently, and generally we feel more empathy for children. So it's not surprising that the first movie uses children to get its message through that people in Iran are victims. The children also express disbelief that their god would kill people, furthering their innocence.

1.2.8. children, feelings, we see the enviroment

1.2.9. "use children

1.2.10. Poor areas

1.2.11. education"

1.2.12. they use children to send the message of ignorance, because that is how children are. they don't understand big events and laugh at death

1.2.13. We see a small school with somewhat ignorant children. Thay are supposed to be scared, but they're not.

1.2.14. The film use the children as the innocent ones, it makes it look like the attack wasn´t the people of Iran´s fault.

1.2.15. It showed Afghans, who fled from Afghanistan to Iran, and the most important scene is in school, This makes us think, that the civils of Afghanistan are innocent.

1.2.16. Through the kids

1.2.17. they use kids because they want to show that 911 was a problem that effekt the whole world.

1.2.18. The film uses pathos. It uses humor. The kids are so innocent.

1.2.19. They use children, and how they think about it, how they look at the world, and the humans.

1.2.20. "The kids talk about the people that fell into the well. The teacher does not think it's important, she thinks that 9/11 is important and remembering the victims. She even has one minute in silence for the victims of the terror.

1.2.21. The children works on building a bombshelter, so they can't get hurt. It seems a bit weird to me, but that's just how they do. "

1.2.22. it doesn´t seems like there some stylistic tool, maybe because they want to show the real environment.

1.2.23. How the children talks about the death of two persons. Some of them believe it's God who make people, kill them and then make some again. But some of the children can not believe that it should be God who killed those people.

1.2.24. "Pathos, poor children is forced to work and help build up a building against atomic bombs.

1.2.25. The teacher tries to make all the children come to class, but they dont even got a class room."

1.2.26. "A lot of clips with the thoughts of the children are shown. It gives the receiver a good view of what's going through their minds during.

1.2.27. It is based on a lot of facts and is told in a very realistic way."

1.2.28. "Pathos is used in this film. The children had to work on a building, to protect them from atomic bombs.

1.2.29. The teacher tries to get the children to class even though she doesn't even have a classroom. She tries to explain the children what happened, and make them be quiet for a minute to remember the hurt."

1.2.30. The communication comes via. the children. The film is realistik.

1.2.31. We hear some children in a class where they talk about 9/11.

1.2.32. "They show us that the knowlegde of the children in Iran is so small. They show the realation between god and human in their life.

1.2.33. "

1.2.34. They use children in the movie, because they want to show us that some people who has a very bad life doesn't understand how big of a news this was for world because they have too much tragedy in their own life.

1.2.35. Pathos - the children

2. Burkina Faso

2.1. Themes

2.1.1. "Provement

2.1.2. Helping "

2.1.3. knowledge. Power

2.1.4. "Innocence(The children want to use the money in a morally good way).

2.1.5. The shared intention to hunt down Osama Bin Laden."

2.1.6. "It is kind of a dark theme. Five kids go to absurd measures to make money. They do it for a great though.

2.1.7. They are like Africa's Robin Hoods"

2.1.8. Friendship

2.1.9. "How they reacted to 9/11

2.1.10. A boys daily life.

2.1.11. How the poor environment make them accuse an innocent man for money.

2.1.12. The medias effect

2.1.13. "

2.1.14. "sickness

2.1.15. getting money (for charity)"

2.1.16. "9/11

2.1.17. Some boys daily life and how the enviroment makes them hunt a inocent man.

2.1.18. the effect from medias

2.1.19. "

2.1.20. "A poor environment

2.1.21. The view the boys get on muslims (discrimination)

2.1.22. The medias effect"

2.1.23. Friendship

2.1.24. The hunt after Bin Larden, after the 9/11.

2.1.25. Catch Osama bin Laden for money

2.1.26. "- Friendship

2.1.27. Acting before thinking."

2.1.28. It really emphaizes how curious children can be sometimes.

2.1.29. Children are curious

2.1.30. "Poor environment.

2.1.31. How the medias effect people.

2.1.32. "

2.1.33. "Poor environment. Humor. Dreams and innocence.

2.1.34. The medias effect on people.

2.1.35. "

2.1.36. "help

2.1.37. safety"

2.1.38. "Help

2.1.39. Safety"

2.1.40. generalization on looks

2.1.41. "- Osama Bin Laden

2.1.42. Sorrow

2.1.43. Sickness

2.1.44. Money

2.1.45. "

2.1.46. "Sorrow

2.1.47. Money

2.1.48. "

2.1.49. Poverty.

2.1.50. "Osama Bin laden

2.1.51. money

2.1.52. sick mom

2.1.53. "

2.1.54. Poor people, school, money, medicine

2.1.55. The film is about friendship, helping each other and even though New York has been hit by terror, life still goes on. They didn't caught the guy but they still keep together and find another solution to help their friend.

2.1.56. "Theme: They do the wrong thing for the right reason.

2.1.57. Friendship.

2.1.58. Money

2.1.59. humor "

2.2. Stylistic tools

2.2.1. These 5 boys believe that they have seen Osama Bin Laden, this makes them "hunt" him. They actually wants to capture him, because the price of Osama Bin Laden is 25 million dollars. But sadly they are just kids, so proving this for anyone was a very hard time for them.

2.2.2. "this one is a contrast to the Iran movie. Adama use his knowledge from school and papers to help getting the ransom so he can get the money for school and his mother. but he is also naiv thinking that five kids can catch Osama bin Laden.

2.2.3. if you have power, you can do what you want (police man)"

2.2.4. The poor boy loosing his mother causes an instant boost in empathy.

2.2.5. They use nice african music, and a great story to show the world their point.

2.2.6. By showing their love to each other.

2.2.7. "

2.2.8. "

2.2.9. "Action stylish

2.2.10. use pathos as sadness

2.2.11. teamwork"

2.2.12. They want him back to school so they want to do some stupid thinks for him.

2.2.13. "The property, illness.

2.2.14. "

2.2.15. Abama's mother is sick, and if he catch Osama bin Laden, he will get 25 million dollars, witch could help a lot. He saw Osama bin Laden, and 4 of his friends tries to help finding him. But people don't believe that his in their country.

2.2.16. It tells the story of a poor child with a sick mother. This makes us feel sad, but the movie also use humour.

2.2.17. Backgroundmusic, the atmosphere is good and it really grabs your attention

2.2.18. Backgroundmusic and there is a litllte pathos maybe

2.2.19. "Pathos: The boy's mother is sick, and he can't pay for her medicine. So he has to work instead of going to school to get money.

2.2.20. Humor"

2.2.21. "Humor

2.2.22. Pathos.

2.2.23. poor environment, a boy cant even go to school because they cant afford school stuff. he also needs to get a job instead of going to school so he can afford medicine for his sick mom."

2.2.24. because 911 bin laden can go anywhere. no matter what someone allways want to catch him.

2.2.25. Because of the attack Bin Laden can't go anywhere without people will watch his every move and try to catch him. But on the same time some people will maybe misstake other people for being Bin Laden because they need the money.

2.2.26. I think it´s was a way of telling that muslim looking men is often thought at, in some places, as terrorists.

2.2.27. "The boys tries to get Osama Bin Laden. And it's a little ironic that they try to catch him so they can get 25 million.

2.2.28. As a viewer we really want them to catch him so one of the kids can help his sick mother. They will spend the rest of the money on helping people with example aids and other illnesses."

2.2.29. It's a kind of ironic. In the end they want Bin Laden back. They also didn't really know a lot about 9/11 and what a disaster it was. There is a big part of the world who has bigger probles than 9/11. And they praise money high.

2.2.30. That the five boys tries to catch Osama Bin Laden themselves. They know it's dangerous, and that Osama Bin Laden is dangerous, but they are still eager to catch him to get the 25-million-reward. If they can get the reward Adamas mother can get they medicine she need to get better, and he can also start in school again. But because Adamas family is so poor, none of those things can happen.

2.2.31. they treise to get Bi laden to get the money for one of the boy´s mom because she is sick

2.2.32. I think they use some symbols, there are some white, I think it was a feather. The white color means peace and innocence. It wasn't the Osama Bin Laden they thought it was.

2.2.33. They uses the fact that his mother is sick to get these friends to stick together and it strengthen their friendship

2.2.34. The use the sympathy: his mother who is sick

3. Israel

3.1. Themes

3.1.1. "Drama

3.1.2. Chaotic

3.1.3. "

3.1.4. "Terrorist attacks

3.1.5. And how people respond to them

3.1.6. How journalist react/ are annoying "

3.1.7. "close to terrorism in action

3.1.8. How people reacts when terrorism is close

3.1.9. How fast the media knows about whats going on

3.1.10. "

3.1.11. "Terrorism

3.1.12. "

3.1.13. "Terrorism.

3.1.14. Prejudice(It was surprising to hear the witness describe the terrorist as blonde with blue eyes).

3.1.15. Preference(Everybody is surprised as the journalist hears that she can't get on air because something serious is happening in New York)."

3.1.16. chaos and publicity

3.1.17. A chaotic scene with different people struggling to be heard, In a place of just a few meters, a huge chaos takes place.

3.1.18. The kaos caused by fear which ruled the world after the terror attack.

3.1.19. Importence

3.1.20. chaos

3.1.21. The journalist should die.

3.1.22. "Perspektive between the small things and the big things that had happend.

3.1.23. The story is more important than the people. "

3.1.24. Chaos

3.1.25. Jounalism

3.1.26. Journalism.

3.1.27. "Terrorism

3.1.28. The medias"

3.1.29. "Terrorism.

3.1.30. The media"

3.1.31. "Terrorism, but in Jerusalem.

3.1.32. "

3.1.33. I don't know if it's a theme but chaos. There was chaos everywhere

3.1.34. "Insensitive

3.1.35. Careless

3.1.36. No knowledge about whats going on in the world, only out to get a story.

3.1.37. Story comes - then interest "

3.1.38. "- Terrorist attack

3.1.39. Chaotic

3.1.40. Repittion"

3.1.41. "- Terrorism

3.1.42. Journalism

3.1.43. "

3.1.44. chaotic siatuation. The medias roll.

3.1.45. stress, people, bombs

3.1.46. "Terrorism

3.1.47. Journalism"

3.2. Stylistic tools

3.2.1. There are bombings going on, police and ambulances is coming. we can hear the sirenes, there is very crowded. And every body is speaking.

3.2.2. "Action

3.2.3. Wounded

3.2.4. The responds team work

3.2.5. Stressing jobs

3.2.6. How journalist tries to get a good story

3.2.7. How journalist tries to change the story in her faor

3.2.8. easily change subject"

3.2.9. Dramatic, Fast speed, reminds me of an action movie, panic

3.2.10. High tempo - to show its a dramatic situation

3.2.11. A constant-camera, the camera never cuts, and you get to see the pandemonium right after the car explosion.

3.2.12. a lot is going on, and they use pathos, because you get annoyed at journalists and want her to let the police and the medics do their jobs. but she just keeps going, showing that publicity is more important then letting the people get help

3.2.13. The messy street in Jerusalem is the enviroment of a horrible attack. Our heart is pumping. What is happening?

3.2.14. In a way they are using a lot of humor, mostly the annoying journalist, who keeps getting in the way of the police and ambulances. They also uses the sounds to make it even more chaotic.

3.2.15. The fact that she doesnt get air time, even though its in the country the attack in NYC is way more importent

3.2.16. it show that 911 is one of the most impotent news i modrem time.

3.2.17. Confusing pictures, its based on one, long tape

3.2.18. Confusing pictures, one sceen.

3.2.19. "They use it to show us that there was happening other terrible things around the world at the same time, but not many people knew or know because everyone focus on 9/11.

3.2.20. And on the other hand people who are close to an accident doesn't care about what happens on the other side of the world"

3.2.21. A very annoying journalist

3.2.22. Confusing voices and a long tape. An annoying journalist.

3.2.23. It is very chaotic, to show how dramatic it is. The 9/11 bomb isn't really a part of the film until the end, where it shows how people react to the news.

3.2.24. the bomb is not even important compared to 9/11 crash, they use it as a tool to show how the crash shook the world.

3.2.25. It was like a reportage, from the place, where the terror attack was.

3.2.26. People screaming and running around like headless chickens. Dead people and paramedics trying to help the injured.

3.2.27. It had a huge effect that she was reporting it live from the scene. it made the watcher interessted in what was happening on the screen.

3.2.28. "- There are a lot of people are speaking, its very difficult to focus on one person. People are not answering each other, and they are basically just screaming the same things.

3.2.29. NOT ONLY DOES THE PEOPLE REPEAT WHAT THEY SAY, the scumbag journalist keeps saying what happened on 9/11 in different years.

3.2.30. The word ""crazy"" is now seen in 2 out of 11 movies

3.2.31. "

3.2.32. A journalist trying to cover a suicide bomber in Israel. But there is something bigger happening i USA.

3.2.33. "A lot of noise.

3.2.34. one shoot

3.2.35. shaking camera.

3.2.36. yelling people.

3.2.37. "

3.2.38. They used a lot of noise and people was everywhere. There was to much to focus on so you got very stressed seing it. They took it in one take so they could get a lot in it.

3.2.39. It describes terrorism in Israel. The only thing the Journalist cares about is the story. Even if they goes in the way.

4. India

4.1. Themes

4.1.1. Fear and sadness. People look down on muslims now. They display the crazy american government looking after enyone with an accent.

4.1.2. "Religion

4.1.3. We see it from an idian family

4.1.4. How the medie turns the reality "

4.1.5. Prejudice

4.1.6. "The parents of a suspect.

4.1.7. Looking down on a whole social group

4.1.8. Rumours "

4.1.9. "Prejudice towards muslims.

4.1.10. The contrast between the family's view of the son and the FBI's view of the son.

4.1.11. The relationship between America and Muslims, where it turns out that the son in fact helped people during 9/11, and that he was not a threat to America, but rather an aid."

4.1.12. "From an indian family point of view

4.1.13. The things your going through when you have lost your child

4.1.14. Religion

4.1.15. How the media can turn the situation around to something it isn´t "

4.1.16. "sorrow

4.1.17. not all muslims are bad

4.1.18. how people misjudged muslims after 9/11

4.1.19. "

4.1.20. Family

4.1.21. family

4.1.22. "The family to the suspect

4.1.23. Religion and belief to Allah

4.1.24. "

4.1.25. To lose some one

4.1.26. grief and jumping to conclusions

4.1.27. Prejudice

4.1.28. Prejudice

4.1.29. "mistrust

4.1.30. teh acttak on muslims after the 9/11"

4.1.31. Generalization

4.1.32. "We are seeing the terror situation from a different point of view. From the muslims who most of the world blamed the terror.

4.1.33. The theme is a mother's love for her son and that she would go trough all the pain in the world for her child."

4.1.34. Terrorisem, muslims, the twin tower, heros and terrorists, death, missing

4.1.35. Terror innocence, diskrimination

4.1.36. "Blame

4.1.37. terrorist

4.1.38. Media effect

4.1.39. religion

4.1.40. misundersood

4.1.41. mothers love

4.1.42. "

4.1.43. "Mother's love for a son.

4.1.44. Terrorists and heroes at the World Trade Centre"

4.1.45. "- Terrorism

4.1.46. Heroes

4.1.47. Sorrow

4.1.48. "

4.1.49. "Discrimination.

4.1.50. Accusing innocent people.

4.1.51. Terror.

4.1.52. A mother's prayer."

4.1.53. "Terrorism

4.1.54. Enemy/Hero

4.1.55. Sorrow

4.1.56. The need to find a guilty person"

4.1.57. Love and grief.

4.1.58. "terroisme

4.1.59. love for her son

4.1.60. "

4.2. Stylistic tools

4.2.1. We are inside a muslim home. We feel their pain.

4.2.2. the started by calling him a terrorist, after they call him a hero

4.2.3. Pathos - you understands how the familiy felt

4.2.4. """ First they called you a terrorist, and now they call you a hero""

4.2.5. "

4.2.6. "The family of the suspected terrorist aid, again in an attempt to create sympathy and a better understanding of the situation.

4.2.7. Flashback intended to show the human part of her son, which isn't very present in the FBI's description of him.

4.2.8. The coldness of the FBI agent as she pats the mother on the back, leaving her with a panic attack on the train station after her son(she thinks) leaves on a train.

4.2.9. The mother changing the channel, on the first channel tere's still talk about 9/11, and on the second there's a recent coverage about muslim victims."

4.2.10. "Calling him a terrorist, so that we should´t have sympathy with him

4.2.11. We get sympathy with the mother "

4.2.12. "flashbacks

4.2.13. hatred

4.2.14. misjudge

4.2.15. misunderstanding

4.2.16. good people always die young

4.2.17. "

4.2.18. The film is trying to show us that because of other people's actions, we jugde people who look like them, just because you think they are all the same, but in the story you see how her son is actually a hero instead of another terrorist.

4.2.19. is film is trying to tell us that many people was hurt by 911. and after 911 everybody was accuse of being a terrorist

4.2.20. The flashback scene, when the mom thinks about his lost son

4.2.21. The mom lose her son

4.2.22. the mother is ind grief and jumps to conclusions because she needs something to believe. they use pathos too, because they want us to feel sorry for the family.

4.2.23. Backgroundmusic

4.2.24. "Backgroundmusic

4.2.25. "

4.2.26. "the point of view ( the mom)

4.2.27. the news on the TV

4.2.28. "

4.2.29. The attackers where muslims so the boy was seen as a terrorist.

4.2.30. The film uses pathos by making us feel sorry for the family but the mother especially. We get sympathy with her.

4.2.31. They used a flash back in the middle of the film where you look at a happy moment. She misses it.

4.2.32. Pathos, sympathy, we feel sympathy for the mother and her family.

4.2.33. How fast people can judge a person

4.2.34. Used a lot of flashbacks to show the relationship between the mother and her son.

4.2.35. The film shows something about how we see people. Not all muslims are terrorists. The mothers son was accused to be a terrorist in the beginning. But ends up as a hero because he tried to help people.

4.2.36. Pathos, we feel sympathy the mother when she wants to speak to her son, bus isn't allowed to.

4.2.37. The mother is terrified and worried that something has happend to her beloved son. The whole world her son for 9/11 and in the end of the movie, when they find her son dead, everybody thinks he's a hero because he tried to save some of the people inside the buildings.

4.2.38. how pepole joutist others to say it is they othors fould

5. UK

5.1. Themes

5.1.1. The past. Freedom, justice, equality

5.1.2. It's a sad theme. We get all around the world, and it is not happy.

5.1.3. Shows us a day that ruined the people of Chile

5.1.4. a day that ruined the people of chile

5.1.5. "how money corrupts

5.1.6. how America support the site that they see fit

5.1.7. America's corruption and how they use force to bend weaker to their will

5.1.8. "

5.1.9. Equality, Freedom, justice, coup de tats and cruelty.

5.1.10. Equality, freedom

5.1.11. "The intervention in Chile.

5.1.12. Distrust of the american governent, still maintaining support of the american people.

5.1.13. The coldness of the US government(Especially the famous Henry Kissinger)."

5.1.14. A day that ruined the people of Chile and not only the Americans.

5.1.15. A man's memory about the civil war in Chile

5.1.16. "Civil war

5.1.17. "

5.1.18. violence

5.1.19. History,

5.1.20. Chile

5.1.21. Brutals in Chile, which were even worse and more inhuman then 9/11

5.1.22. Revenge?

5.2. Stylistic tools

5.2.1. Old pictures from terror-attacks. Pathos: sad music

5.2.2. Sad music and dark colors.

5.2.3. "Movie effect, it looks old

5.2.4. Music"

5.2.5. "a british man writes a letter to the americans

5.2.6. music

5.2.7. "

5.2.8. "black and white

5.2.9. riot

5.2.10. voice-over

5.2.11. Random song

5.2.12. story telling

5.2.13. "

5.2.14. Videos of the past. Dokumentary tools.

5.2.15. Videos of the past.

5.2.16. "Historical recordings are used to improve the realism.

5.2.17. Cutting from the 9/11 recordings from the attack on the Chilean Presidential Palace."

5.2.18. "A british citizen (Paul) writes a letter to the Americans, he tells them that he understand their pain.

5.2.19. Music - It's the british/chilean man sings about the incident. "

5.2.20. A lot of flashbacks, voice over and even a song.

5.2.21. "BLack screening

5.2.22. flashblack

5.2.23. The emotion "

5.2.24. it shows a lot of demonstrations, and people looking afraid. it is connecting two events and trying to say, why are we fighting war with war.

5.2.25. There were flashbacks to the time he was telling about so people could see how serious it was.

5.2.26. tell them about his pain

5.2.27. They use very strong images to show how brutal it was.

5.2.28. I didn't really understand this film, but I think they tries to show that the USA should have seen the attack coming, because they have done such terrible things against other people without a real reason, but then the USA get attack they want everyone to feel sorry for them