Time, Treasure, Talent

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Time, Treasure, Talent by Mind Map: Time, Treasure, Talent

1. WHY

1.1. This is part of my gift to whomever would accept

1.2. This is part of my Life Manual to you

1.3. This is to attempt at offering solutions to contemporary problems in the world

2. HOW

2.1. Everything is a gift from God, just organize the gifts he has given me

2.2. This gifts also happen to give an answer as to how to live, how to love - solutions, or at least a resolve to the contemporary problems of the world

2.3. I'd rather give my time, treasure talent in person instead of just my writings, but here it is if I can't give it in person

2.4. This is always a work in progress, but I'm making sure each update is ready to publish

2.5. Organize according to what life seems to be about: creating memories and building relationships


3.1. Resources to create memories and building relationships with God and others

3.1.1. Piety Building relationship with God - Prayer Favorite Saints: My Meditations

3.1.2. Study Books: As I have given you an inheritance, the wise and the saints have given us an inheritance through books; it is important to learn how to learn, learn how to read – learn how to learn how to read Websites: the art of manliness traditionalsermons.com catholic.com madeinhisimage.org aleteia.org fultonsheen Notes: Mystery, Action, Legacy Favorite Quotes

3.1.3. Action Organizing your life: David Allen – Getting Things Done Dave Ramsey Peter Kreeft Dennis Prager Fr John Hardon, S.J. Some good options to connecting with people and putting your faith in action: Cursillo Miles Christi Dominican 3rd Order Legion of Mary Addressing modern day challenges - solutions for the world's problems Spiritual Challenges Intellectual Challenges Physical Challenges Social Challenges Family Challeges Challenges to Careers and Jobs Economic Challenges Inspirational or Interesting Spiritual Intellectual Emotional Physical


3.2.1. sync page with mindmap