Apartheid - South Africa - Cry Freedom

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Apartheid - South Africa - Cry Freedom by Mind Map: Apartheid - South Africa - Cry Freedom

1. x

1.1. Donald Woods

1.2. he dreeses up like a priest

1.3. Steve Biko shows Donald Woods around in a township. (at a small gathering)

1.4. Steve Biko make a party with Donald Woods

2. DW and biko is taking a beer together

3. d

3.1. The grandparents says goodbye to miss Woods and the 7 kids. They have to run from the police, that will try to stop them if they try to escape from South Africa. Because of the fact that Donald Woods are going to publish a book in London, none of them are safe in South Africa.

4. Donald Woods at the border.

5. They are drinking beers and talking differentes between blac

6. x

6.1. They say goodbye to Mr. Woods

6.2. Black priest

6.3. farther X wishes Dw good luck

6.4. He helped Donald Woods to come save out of the country.

7. x

7.1. They are worried about Donald

7.2. Donald wood's wife and daughter

7.3. They are waiting for the call from Donald

7.4. Donald Woods and his family is trying

7.5. They stay and look Steve BIko dead body

8. d

8.1. he is trying to escape the white police in South Africa

9. d

9.1. Donald Woods cross the ocean

9.1.1. Donald Wood crossing a river to escape to the Lesothian boarder

9.2. Dw is trying to escape form South Africa, dressed up like a priest

9.3. farther Woods

9.4. He's playing in the sea

10. d

10.1. All these people see steve biko as a dead activist

10.2. Steve is dead

10.3. they look at Biko who died and taking pictures of him

10.4. It was at the doctor where Streve Bikos body were held, they wanted to see his body, and to see is there was scars and marks on his body,, and they took some pictu

10.5. He takes pictures of Steve Bikos body so he can use it for the book.

11. Donald Woods attempting to cross a river, but it was too deep.

12. Mrs. Woods parents saying goodbye at the border.

13. d

13.1. them boyz are taking a beer together, at a cloured pub

13.2. Donald Woods talking and having a beer with Biko and some biko's friends. They are talking about the black society, and how it could be changed.

13.2.1. They talk about the differences between the black people and the white people.