Strategy Discussion

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Strategy Discussion by Mind Map: Strategy Discussion

1. Hedgehog Concept

1.1. What can we be the best in the world at?

1.1.1. Education

1.1.2. Inspiration

1.1.3. Thought-leadership

1.1.4. Providing inspiring, thought-leading, educational content about cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.

1.2. What drives our economic engine?

1.2.1. Ratio Advertising Revenue/Minute of content Advertising Revenue/Listener Advertising Revenue/Spot Revenue/piece of content Advertising Revenue/Episode

1.2.2. Drivers # of listeners # of episodes $ per ad per listener (CPM)

1.3. What are we passionate about?

1.3.1. Bitcoin

1.3.2. Decentralization

1.3.3. Technology

1.3.4. Content

1.3.5. The Singularity

1.3.6. Cryptocurrencies

1.3.7. Podcasting

1.3.8. Startups

1.3.9. Education

1.3.10. Change/Disruption

1.3.11. Disruptive technologies

2. Brutal Facts

2.1. We can't build a highly profitable business with ad revenues.

2.2. We can't build a highly profitable business based freely distributed content.

2.3. We will be faced with increasing competition.

2.4. Our format is not suited for wide appeal in crypto space

2.4.1. Our episodes are simply too long. You can't produce 'unedited' content that can survive in the long-term.

2.5. We will never be Joe Rogan

2.6. We are at a disadvantage versus LTB network shows.

2.6.1. Why were they so successful? Podcasting experience of Adam Andreas Antonopoulos No competition High quality/editing Community Libertarian audience

2.7. We need to improve and streamline our processes.

2.8. Advertising for crowdsales is risky.

2.9. Not working in same location decreases our efficiency.