Spring 2015 Creative Community: Tech Innovation

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Spring 2015 Creative Community: Tech Innovation by Mind Map: Spring 2015 Creative Community: Tech Innovation

1. Syllabus

1.1. 1. Who is the customer, and why do they need you?

1.2. 2. You are not alone

1.3. 3. Assemble the A-Team

1.4. 4. Don’t guess, measure!

1.5. 5. The customer has spoken

1.6. 6. Get traction, then get them hooked

1.7. 7. Your message matters

1.8. 8. Success doesn’t happen accidentally, don’t get stuck

2. Class Materials

2.1. Feb 4th, 2015

2.1.1. Topic Who is the customer, and why do they need you? Get out of the building for generating ideas, and build your product roadmap through customer development. Product Development New Product introduction Diagram Where is “learning happening" Seven deadly sins of the “new product introduction” model Customer Development Customer Development Process A Startup Is a Temporary Organization Designed to Search for A Repeatable and Scalable Business Model 14 Rules of The Customer Development Manifesto

2.1.2. Discussion

2.1.3. Resources Books The Lean Starup The Startup Owner’s Manual The Four Steps to the Epiphany Links http://leanstack.com/ http://quickmvp.com/ http://unbounce.com

2.2. Feb 11th, 2015

2.2.1. Topic You are not alone Don’t compete with rivals; make them irrelevant. Red vs. Blue oceans, what’s the difference? Red Oceans Blue Oceans Value Innovation There are six basic approaches to reconstructing market boundaries. Ignoring the competition and focusing on the buyer will help create value for EVERYONE!

2.2.2. Discussion Strategy canvas team building

2.2.3. Resources Book Blue Ocean Strategy Links http://www.blueoceanstrategy.com/overview/ http://strategycanvas.org/ iPad App

2.3. Feb 18th, 2015

2.3.1. Topic Assemble the A-Team Understand how to find the right co-founders and build company culture through key roles, advisory boards, and mentors. Internal External Where to find your team

2.3.2. Discussion Lessons learned War stories

2.3.3. Resources Links Equity calculator Legal Docs White Paper Networks Books The Art of the Start Founders at Work Do More Faster

2.4. Feb 25th, 2015

2.4.1. Topic Don’t guess, measure! An MVP is not a cheaper product, it’s about smart learning. Discover how to be data driven through analytics and testing.

2.4.2. Discussion

2.4.3. Resources

2.5. Mar 4th, 2015

2.5.1. Topic The customer has spoken How to learn about your product through user testing and manage your backlog with customer support.

2.5.2. Discussion Testing Qualitative Quantitative Backlog Kanban Support

2.5.3. Resources

2.6. Mar 11th, 2015

2.6.1. Topic Get traction, then get them hooked Attract new customers through systematic marketing, and integrate your product as a regular habit.

2.6.2. Discussion Traction Channels Hook Canvas Fogg behavior model

2.6.3. Resources

2.7. Mar 18th, 2015

2.7.1. Topic Your message matters Consider how your pricing and packaging affects sales, then learn the art and science of pitching, and understand if you are ready (or should even consider) outside investment.

2.7.2. Discussion

2.7.3. Resources

2.8. Mar 25th, 2015

2.8.1. Topic Success doesn’t happen accidentally, don’t get stuck How to focus your creative energy into overcome the obstacles of ambition needed to pursue innovative ideas.

2.8.2. Discussion Muse Resistance The opposing force to your soul’s calling Resistance is everywhere and everyone deals with it. If resistance wins, you lose your life. You lose your ability to live your life’s calling. You lose your ability to do what truly matters to you. “As resistance works to keep us from becoming who we were born to be, equal and opposite powers are counterpoise against it. These are our allies and angels.” “Resistance has no strength of it’s own. We feed it with power by our fear of it. Master that fear and we conquer resistance." Takeaways Throwing Up Work - Byproducts Criticism 9 O'Clock True love

2.8.3. Resources Book The War of Art Do The Work