Are family meals important?

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Are family meals important? by Mind Map: Are family meals important?

1. support 1 : Family meals are better for teens to eat.

1.1. Teens who eat with their families most likely wont smoke,drink,and get bad grades. (source 3)

1.2. ¨86% of teens who had dinner with their families five or more nights a week said they had never tried smoking.¨ (source 2)

1.3. Teens need to spend some time with their families, it's better for them to eat well, better so they can talk about there problems.

2. support 2: Parents have many ideas for making diner.

2.1. Family meals could save culture especially when you're in a country have different culture of yours. (sours 4)

2.2. showing the difference between Chinese culture and the American culture in Christmas Eve. (sours 4)

2.3. When you're in a country have different culture of yours you probably going to try to be like them, eat,wear,talk like them, it's good but not always being yourself sometimes is better for you, person should never forgot where he belong, so family meals could help to save the culture, also it help to share culture in different places like Christmas Eve.

3. conclusion : Family meals are important.

3.1. reason 1: teens who eat with their families are doing will in school ,life ,job , they don't smoke drink or or even try to. So family meal help them by spending more time with their families and do better in life.

3.2. reason 2: Being in country that not yours , different culture and lifestyle could lead you to forget who you are and where you from, spending time with people know where you from , know your culture will help you to remember your life, at least on dinner, that could be enough for you that's why family meals are important.

4. main idea : Family males are important.

4.1. Family males are better for teens to eat.

4.2. parents have many ideas for making food.