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Wedding Planning App by Mind Map: Wedding Planning App

1. Task List

1.1. Helps to create list of tasks to be carried out for the wedding

1.1.1. To do check list

1.1.2. Search Tasks

1.1.3. Add/delete Tasks

1.1.4. Set Reminders for the Task

2. Guest List

2.1. Helps to create list of all Wedding guests to be invited

2.1.1. Sending invitation to the listed Guests

2.1.2. Add/delete Guests

2.1.3. +1 feature to add another guest on the name of existing guest

2.1.4. Guest detail

2.1.5. Search Guests

3. Idea Board

3.1. Allows the user to store ideas regarding wedding cakes, shoes, photography etc for the wedding day

3.1.1. Create/delete Idea Board

3.1.2. Upload photos on the selected Idea board

4. Notes

4.1. Helps to create important notes for wedding related work.

4.1.1. Create/ delete notes related to wedding

4.1.2. Search Notes by name

4.1.3. On selecting a Note the app would gives complete description of that note.

5. Budget Planner

5.1. Allows to create a complete budget for the wedding and all the calculations would be automatic

5.1.1. Create/Delete Budget for different Categories

5.1.2. For every sub category user needs to specify Estimated Budget Actual Budget (The amount actually invested on it)

5.1.3. Payment Status for the Category Paid Amount Balance Amount

6. Seating Arrangement

6.1. Helps to assign seats to the guest in accordance to the seating layout

6.1.1. Number of tables and chairs available

6.1.2. Layout of the Tables and chairs for the Wedding

6.1.3. Allocation of the guests to the Table and chair

6.1.4. List of names of all the guests for seating arrangement

6.1.5. Status of seating arrangement Number of Guests Allocated Number of Guests Left for Allocation

7. Planner Summary

7.1. This will provide with summary of the complete wedding related to the Tasks, Guests and the Wedding Budget.

7.1.1. Task Status of completion of the Task list Number of Task Completed Number of Task Pending Progress Check On Schedule Off Schedule Total Number of Tasks

7.1.2. Guest Complete Guest details Number of Males/Females/Kids Number of Adults/Child's/Babies Status of the Guests regarding the wedding Attending Not Attending Reply Awaiting

7.1.3. Budget Total Budget Status report of the Budget Under Budget Over Budget Inline Payment Status Total Amount Paid Balance Amount

8. Vendor

8.1. Allows to create list of different vendors related to florists,photographers etc

8.1.1. List of Vendors

8.1.2. Small portfolio of each Vendor

8.1.3. Ability to mark vendor as Favorite

8.1.4. Add/Delete Vendors

8.1.5. Search Vendors

9. Big Day Schedule

9.1. Complete Schedule of events on the wedding day

9.1.1. Search Events

9.1.2. Add/Delete Events

10. Backup/Export

10.1. Allows to back up or export the complete wedding data