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Film Title BRAINSTORMS by Mind Map: Film Title BRAINSTORMS

1. OBLIVIOUS: this was our first film title idea and according to our survey. not aware of or concerned about what is happening around one. "she became absorbed, oblivious to the passage of time" synonyms: unaware, unconscious, heedless, unmindful, insensible, ignorant, blind, deaf, unsuspecting, unobservant, disregardful, impervious, unaffected, insensitive, indifferent, detached, removed, etc. Although in our survey it is the HIGHEST chosen title as 25/85 people chose the title, people did not think this title would be suitable to our story when I asked them in person. They thought the definition of the title would have nothing to do with the story.

2. NEVER KNEW: This title is more suitable for a mystery/thriller film but the title describes the thoughts of Caspar and Amelie that they had no knowledge of both of them being related. This is our second most selected film title with a score of 23 out of 85 people in our survey, most people so far I have asked thought Never Knew was the best title and most suitable. One audience member said that Never Knew relates to the story more and it stands out from all the rest. If the audience were going to watch a movie called Never Knew, it would raise their expectations, thinking, "never knew what? Who never knew?" and makes the audience curious and the title doesn't give anything away thus luring the audience.

3. UNFAMILIAR: This title in my opinion was the weakest title idea we've ever came up with, to be honest. It doesn't sound interesting, it would probably confuse the audience. Also in the survey, it was the LEAST chosen film title. 18/85 people chose the title. The reason why we came up with this was because the word alone, sounds interesting and promising however the title did seem random and would not relate to the story at all in any way for it sounds somewhat too vague.

4. COLLIDE: This seemed like a sort of appropriate title for a film sounding like in the film, there would be two different lives clashing together. One audience member said the title sounds a little simple and vague, however it does suit the story line in a way. This title came third place in our survey scoring 19/85.