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Retinablastoma by Mind Map: Retinablastoma

1. Treatment

1.1. Surgery

1.1.1. Used to remove eyes, of children with advanced Retinoblastoma. Pro more than 90 percent of those patients do not need any more treatment. Con if patient are affected on both eyes doctors have to focus on one eye and have to remove the other eye.

1.2. Chemotherapy

1.2.1. Used to try to cure or bend the cancer, tumor Con Can have bad side effects, like being depth, swollen eyes, having kidney problems, second tumors. You have to work with extremely small instruments. This is very dangerous, because the risks of getting a bad side effect are very high. Pro Doesn't have to resolve in an eye removal. Is more effective when used on a small part. It shrinks the tumor

1.3. Focal Therapy

1.3.1. Used when the tumor is very small Pro It is effective, also after a chemotherapy, because it can help shrinking the tumor. Con Can have bad side effects, due to the strong medication used on the little child. Side effects involve taste changes, nausea and vomiting, fatigue.

1.4. Stam cell Transplant - only occurs when there is a second tumor, which goes into other party of the body, for example the brain.

1.4.1. Take cells from another person, to implant them into the system of the affected person Con It takes a very long time to get a perfect match for being a possible blood donator. May not always prevent removal of the eye. Pro Is very effective, due to taking new fresh cells from someone else.

2. Prevention

2.1. Doctors have not figured out a way of preventing any cancer yet. There has not been any vaccine that can fully prevent cancer.

3. Type of Disease

3.1. Genetic Disease

3.1.1. eye cancer Con cancer has no real Prevention, only treatment. Pro Doctors are constantly researching on how to prevent cancer. Cancer does't need any awareness because it can affect us all.

3.1.2. due to a mutation in the the DNA Con No one has figured out yet, why these mutation occur Pro Doctors around the world are trying their best, to find explanations on why mutations occur.

4. Mode of Transmission

4.1. Genetic Disease

4.1.1. It can be... Inherited Pro When doctors know that a family member already had Retinoblastoma, they can have a better chance of tackling the disease. Non- inherited Con It can be sporadic, so suddenly a mutation in the DNA occurs, and the tumor grows. This can happen any time, and doctors might not notice it, due to the child never having any problems in eye tests before. That way they wouldn't suspect it.

5. Diagnosis and Symptoms

5.1. It is important that doctors, know what Retinoblastoma is and how it can be found.

5.1.1. Pro A institution dealing with families in Germany called KAKS, handed flyers to all eye clinics in Germany on how to deceit Retinoblastoma. Pro The KAKS made TV spots showing how easy it can be to detect the eye cancer, with for example taking a photo with a flashlight effect. Pro there are many easy ways of detecting Retinoblastoma. Con The organization is German, so it will not be able to reach all other countries. If People don't know the symptoms due to a lack of knowledge, which could be filled immediately, they are never going to guess that they have an eye cancer.

5.1.2. Con Many doctors around the world are unaware of Retinoblastoma, due to the disease being so rare.