The impact The Beatles had on the world

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The impact The Beatles had on the world by Mind Map: The impact The Beatles had on the world

1. Changes to the World

1.1. Universally people can agree that the day the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan was the day that changed history. On February 9, 1964 73 million people tuned in to hear this british rock band. Not only did the Beatles give success to themselves but other bands to come. Because of the success of that day, something new was on the rise, the British Invasion. Many of our favorite bands, the Rolling Stones, the Animal, Gary and the Pacemaker, etc. were able to become so big because of the Beatles. They really did change history and music, rock 'n' roll was virtually dead by the time the Beatles came around, however, they changed that to where nearly every household was blasting rokc.

1.2. Many rock bands, like the Beatles, actually helped bring down communism. Its stated how the Beatles fun upbeat songs actually has spiritual meaning which helped wash away totalitarianism. Although their music was originally band from Russia it didn't stop people from buying them and the Beatles, the songs, showed citizens that there should be changes in how things were being run, attitudes of the people were changing. They were a big reason of communism downfall.

2. Influence to artists of all generations and ages.

2.1. Many of the worlds most famous musicians were inspired to play because of one important band: The Beatles. Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters gives many credits to the Beatles. Dave started playing and writing music because when he was young he looked up to the Beatles. Records and songbooks by them had Dave listening and learning them at a young age and helped give him the creativity he has today.

2.2. Not only did it inspire artists today but also musicians who were around during the Beatles. The Beach Boys had been around since the Beatles but they were still inspired by them. The Beach Boys were at a bit of a slum, their music wasn't as popular and wasn't selling as many records as before, they knew something had to change. Brian Wilson heard the Beatles "Rubber Soul" and was inspired. Soon they released a new album, "Pet Sounds", and ended up being extremely successful and ended up being one of their most positive reviewed album.

2.3. The Beatles inspire many musician, not just famous ones. For example, The Beatles inspired me. Ringo Starr, the drummer of the Beatles, has been one of the main reasons that I decided to learn to play the drums. His drumming style, tempo, and unique ability to play odd time signatures inspired me.

3. Rock 'N' Roll

3.1. The Beatles became so popular and had such a large impact because there were no other, or very few, rock artists around. Rock pioneers like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis were no longer making music for a variety of reasons.

3.2. The Beatles had a large impact on rock 'n' roll because they evolved as the band continued on. The debut album, "Please Please Me", was a rock-pop album, however the Beatles didn't just continue to make those type of albums. Years later they made another albums, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, showed tremendous diversity as they now had a psychedelic rock. And their last album, "Let It Be" was a rock fusion with elements of Blues and R&B.

3.3. The Beatles were able to have such an impact because they were able to fuse rock styles. They were able to use past rock 'n' rollers as inspiration, like having similar harmonizes from the Everly Brothers' "Cathy's Clown". They were able to fuse rock styles within albums like the White Album, where they had heavy rock songs like "Helter Skelter", folk-rock songs like "Blackbird", and country rock songs like "Don't Pass Me By."

4. Influence to Society

4.1. Closer to when the Beatles broke, John Lennon became a peace and political activist. John Lennon used the fame he had to voice his opinions on things he though were important and should be discussed. In 1969 he and his wife, Yoko Ono, decided to preach about peace, by having a "bed-in", protesting about the Vietnam War which was at large. Not only did this get lots of coverage and attention from the press but made many think about peace and whether wars like this would solve anything. John Lennon also used his celebrity status to produce songs that be believed had a important message. Songs like "Imagine" showed people that things they felt so strongly about weren't entirely the best thing, and that without it the world could truly have peace. He believed things like war, religion, communism, etc. weren't beneficial towards the world but harmful. The song got lots of exposure and to many was really like a national anthem for peace.

4.2. Although it may not seem like a big problem now, at one time long hair for men wasn't acceptable. Years ago men with long hair was considered temperamental, considered unprofessional, and for many religious groups, like Jehovah's Witnesses, those who have long hair and certain facial hair are considered to have negative energy. By the mid-60's the Beatles were sporting long hair and well as facial hair. They showed that they could have this look and still be successful. As well as showing those styles were professional but also showed that people should be able to have whatever styles they wish to desire to show their personality without being criticized for it.

4.3. The Beatles brought joy to people in the world again. When the Beatles came to America the JFK assassination just occurred and they brought joy to people again. They were able to bring people out of a gloomy state of mind and make them smile with tunes like "Twist and Shout" and "I Saw Her Standing There." Over time the Beatles used their songs to give their opinions on certain important political issues and make people think of the deeper meanings.


5.1. "Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon has been known as a staple and an anthem for peace activists. Countless artists have covered the song to spread peace, including U2, Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder, and many, many more. One of the most notable was Pete Seeger how sang it at a movement in Washington. Although Seeger was already an activist he chose to sing this song out of all the songs possible. The Beatles were also considered civil right activists. In 1965 in San Francisco the Beatles made sure there wasn't a segregated audience. In fact, John Lennon stated "We never play to segregated audiences and we aren't going to start now. I'd sooner lose our appearance money." Because of the fame of the Beatles they were able to make an impact. They showed that it didn't matter how famous or popular you were you'd still do what was right.

5.2. Many artists have been directly influenced by the Beatles, most notable, Oasis. Beatles' member Paul McCartney called the comparison between the two bands are like "the kiss of death" because of how similar they are. Another notable artist is Blur with their song "Beetlebum." The song has been described as a "Beatles tribute song" because of how similar is songs to past Beatles songs.

5.3. Rock 'n' Roll really did help bring down the Soviet Union. Rock 'n' Roll didn't destroy socialism but was a big factor in ending it. You couldn't just buy these records but actually had to obtain them from tourists or from the black market. People began to walk away from communism and look towards other things, they went towards American pop culture, like rock 'n' roll.