Procrastination-goalsetting coaching - public version

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Procrastination-goalsetting coaching - public version by Mind Map: Procrastination-goalsetting coaching - public version

1. Contents

1.1. why this course?

1.1.1. we all procrastinate something: wish to achieve something thing that we REALLY have to get done desire to be focused on something and feel progress.

1.1.2. why do we procrastinate: it's natural to have unproductive days and to avoid doing things we do not want to do or face! motivation intrinsic extrinsic fear Types of Fears willpower Our mind is unfocused / scattered nature of the task no deadline I'm the only one knowing about no (immediate) consequences results of procrastination: paralyzing guilt Pr. is rewarding: you avoid stress blocked energy of avoiding something

1.1.3. Benefits of this course look at background help each other I give many tools we will try them out mutual responsibility partners

1.2. start

1.2.1. FIND TASK to work on write 1-5 big current topics that you want to do / have to get done topics The main goal is to keep the main goal the main goal.

1.2.2. loving kindness meditation?

1.3. main part

1.3.1. environment Minimal Preparation of Work Environment Minimal DeskPrep Avoid distraction every thing which can be a potential distraction will be a distraction at some time.

1.3.2. physical sleep How to Get Yourself to Go to Bed At a Decent Hour 00:00 kindle energy light Sleep Hacking takeaways peak-hours 'easy' tasks in non-peak hours

1.3.3. psychology attitude don't start the day disappointing yourself, start it with a "yeah! I'm able to do it!" don't beat yourself up benefits of ability to postpone reward Know: Perfektionismus trick des Egos: Perfektionismus zu hohe Ansprüche tobi: maybe my main message is, what helped me: to not take it so serious. not take it so bad. there are people who work. ometimes productive, and sometimes unproductive. nothing else. that we put a name on it, creates the problem. we identify, and start believing.

1.3.4. tools Better organization Minimal DeskPrep fixed times calendar write about your tasks: Better attitude & behaviors Distractions "One small thing less".

1.3.5. some tricks in every task, start with the sub-task that you enjoy most. this will recondition your work behavior work in timeslots (max.) 30 min highly concentrated, NOTHING will distract me much more efficient than 10h of unconcentrated work full of distractions change between two tasks. one task gets boring once its bot new anymore. Create a Fake Constraint The Power of Structured Procrastination essay about it put that task on hold. Give into your inclination to procrastinate Now that you’ve yielded to the urge to procrastinate, instead of turning to shiny time-wasting activities, however, start a different task from your list that needs attention. the mental trick is to regard other tasks as more important in order to make Very Important Task an easier choice. Rank projects that seem quite significant yet have more flexible deadlines at the top The bonus to all this is that the usually crippling guilt that undermines your motivation is transformed into fuel for momentum. As more things start getting done, you’ll realize that the procrastinator at heart has become one those highly productive people! 85% der menschen arbeiten viel besser mit pull als mit push. nur 1 Tag / Woche wo man alle unangenehmen Aufgaben schnell abarbeitet

1.4. outro

1.4.1. community: accountability partners mutual boost-ups

1.4.2. passion look forward to be doing something where you can't wait to start working, and don't even think about procrastinating you DO the things you usually follow when you are procrastinating.

2. some more content

2.1. sources: from 15 Minute Rule, some stuff from 4H workweek

2.1.1. Ferriss 4-H Uncovering Fear 1. Define your nightmare, the absolute worst that could happen if you did what you are considering. 2. What steps could you take to repair the damage or get things back on the upswing, even if temporarily? 3. What are the outcomes or benefits, both temporary and permanent, of more probable scenarios? 4. If you were fired from your job today, what would you do to get things under financial control? 5. What are you putting off out of fear? 6. What is it costing you—financially, emotionally, and physically—to postpone action? 7. What are you waiting for? from 15Min Rule:

2.1.2. 15 Min Rule: The Secret Six 1. Be inspired Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it - boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe 2. Visualize - not necessary, because we did Ferriss exercise before. 3. Plan pick time to begin the 15 mins within next 72h 4. Prepare check section "willingness" & "enthusiasm" 5. The 15 minute Rule pick chosen task and start the 15 Min 15 min include everything (f.ex. turning computer on etc) if necessary, brainstorm when 15 min up: stop! when grasped idea: tailor-make it 6. Reward yourself pat yourself on back and celebrate your victories large and small. make list of treats that are easily accessible