Young Lords

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Young Lords by Mind Map: Young Lords

1. Key Members

1.1. Orlando Davila

1.1.1. Original founder of the Young Lords

1.2. Jose Jimenez

1.2.1. Leader of Young Lords who founded them as a human rights movement

1.3. Fred Hampton*

1.3.1. Not necessarily a member of the young lords,chairman of the Black Panthers (allies of the Young Lords) and founder of the Rainbow Coalition (Which the Young Lords were a part of)

1.4. David Perez

1.5. Jaun Gonzalez

1.6. Pablo Guzman

2. Where

2.1. Began in Chicago

2.2. Expanded to New York

2.3. Many more like in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, etc, but none were as significant as Chicago and New York.

3. Who are the young lords

3.1. A Puerto Rican gang turned nationalist group from Lincoln Park, Chicago. They wanted Puerto Rican equality.

4. When

4.1. 1950s-1980s

5. Key events

5.1. Takeover of the Urban Renewal Community Conservation Council meetings

5.2. McCormick Tehological Seminary takeove