Italian and German Unification

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Italian and German Unification by Mind Map: Italian and German Unification

1. Italian Unification

1.1. Cavour and Piedmont

1.1.1. Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, Count of Province of Cavour Prime Minister of Piedmont Resurgimiento nationalist movement

1.1.2. Economic and political reform that mainly benefits middle class Northern Italy industrialized and more prosperous Southern Italy rural, poor, provides agricultural products to feed cities Loss of cottage industry means men often away in cities working for wages

1.1.3. Foreign Policy Crimean War Entered Crimean War late Aligns with France and & GB Allows them to participate Paris peace conference, bringing Italy onto world stage Joins forces with France against Austria Annexations of Piedmont (Gains from Alliance)

1.2. Cavour's death leaves vacuum in political leadership

1.2.1. Italian parliamentary conditions weak Most of the population not mobilized into civic life Bribery, patronage, and questionable legitimacy of government

1.3. Garibaldi -> Achieves unification through more war

1.3.1. Piedmont forces attack on Naples and Sicily

1.3.2. Success in taking all Papal States except Rome

1.3.3. King Emmanuel joins forces w/ Garibaldi

1.3.4. France declares war on Prussia (1870) Rome finally conquered

2. German Unification

2.1. Wilheim I takes the throne

2.1.1. Germany united under Bismarck and Wilhelm I Bismarck Army Reorganized Bismark's foreign policy success Dominance of N. German Confederation Superior military infrastructure leveraged to create State of Prussia