More Than Words: Non-verbal Communication in a Crisis Situation

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More Than Words: Non-verbal Communication in a Crisis Situation by Mind Map: More Than Words: Non-verbal Communication in a Crisis Situation

1. Why it Matters

1.1. Integrated experience, individual in crisis and assisting individual create a cycle

1.2. Crisis may be adverted with good communication

1.3. Safety of all involved

2. Non-verbal Behaviors

2.1. Proxemincs/Personal space

2.1.1. Averaage space 1.5 -3 feet

2.1.2. Influenced by several factors such as appearance, familiarity, gender, hygeine and body posture

2.1.3. Must be respected as much as possible

2.2. Kinesics

2.2.1. Body posture

2.2.2. Gestures

2.2.3. Facial expressions

2.2.4. Eye contact

2.2.5. Non-challenging to avoid emotional escalation

3. Paraverbal Communication

3.1. Vocal aspect of speech excluding words

3.2. It is not what you say, but how you say it

3.3. Tone should be positive but sincere, or neutral and firm if needed

3.4. Volume should be appropriate for the environment. Use the lowest amount of volume possible

3.5. Cadence should be even and rhythmic, quick speech indicates urgency, slow indicates the speaker is unsure or possibly using sarcasm or being condescending

4. Verbal intervention

4.1. Used at times of verbal escalation of an individual in crisis

4.2. Recognizing Verbal Escalation and how to respond

4.2.1. Questioning for information or to challenge situation / provide rational response, begin to set limits

4.2.2. Refusal or non-compliance / continue to set limits by giving choices with the positive outcome choice presented first

4.2.3. Emotional outburst/ allow individual to vent, but rem,ove audience. Listen and reply as needed, use empathetic listening to discern what the individual is saying

4.2.4. Intimidation/ take all threats seriously and get assistance

4.2.5. Tension reduction / re-establish rapport, set limits and bring closure Limits should be simple and clear, reasonable and enforceable , never respond with athreat.