Expanding Our Influence

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Expanding Our Influence by Mind Map: Expanding Our Influence

1. Higher stage:

1.1. Large company sponsors

1.2. Hopefully being able to help people in other countries by donating money raised from the activities.

1.3. Pairing up with other projects with similar beliefs such as the Canucks Autism Network and more.

1.4. Our message is spreading all around the world.

2. Create different social media accounts to spread the word of what we are doing and so more people will join or contribute to help with the project.

2.1. The social media will include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2.1.1. We will need to do this because we want to spread the word of our project and hope that more students will make small contributions like help bake goods for the bake sale. We know some people who would definitely want to help.

2.2. We will create two youtube channels for these reasons:

2.2.1. We will have a gaming channel that will be used for getting lots of views because we will receive small amounts of money for every view we get that will go towards the project.

2.2.2. We will also create a channel for music, sports, art and other things like making people more aware of how important education and realization of people with disabilities.

3. Ways to raise money for these recreational activities that we will start.

3.1. Do a bake sale as a test to see if the cooking/baking club that we want to make, will actually work out and raise money. Since we don't have the baking club yet, we will gather our friends that would like to help out, and them and their parents could bake.

3.1.1. The only way we will be able to start the baking/cooking club, we will have to see if people actually like to cook or bake by going around and asking people who we think would help out if they like to bake or cook to see if this club is even needed

3.2. Ask Mr. Dirk if he can help us start a concert the band after school. To raise money, we will be charging $5 per ticket, and the money will be donated to a charity.

3.2.1. If the concert works, we will try to start another concert with the same priced tickets, but obviously with different songs.

4. Create more recreational activities in our school (across Vancouver schools if possible) with the money, raised from the concerts and the bake sale.

4.1. Start a rec. sports group with teams divided fairly with all sorts of things like soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, capture the flag and more.

4.1.1. Kids of all ages and kids with disabilities are able to join.

4.2. Music and art club for students who are interested in drawing, painting or music. (Again, anyone who wants to join can join).

4.3. We could start a cooking club if we are allowed. We could create another bake sale with this club to raise even more money.

4.4. All of the clubs will end up making money from the outcome; Cook/Bake is uses the bake sale to make money and the band club uses the concerts to make money.

4.4.1. There will be more activities later on in the year, but these are just the first activities that we thought of first.

4.5. We would also try to make a parkour/other sports club for the intermediate in which, maybe every Tuesday, people who signed up would get lessons and every Thursday

5. Students with mental and physical disabilities will be especially encouraged to know that they can do well in these clubs and most of all, in life.

5.1. In all of our clubs, students with mental and physical disabilities will be included and encouraged.

5.2. Students with disabilities will also be included in some of our videos, (if we have permission) talking about their life and how they feel.

6. If all goes well, we will expand our plan but keep the same idea.

6.1. We will create more activities in our school.

6.2. Another one of our goals is to inspire younger children to try to do the same as us and try to make more activities in other schools.

7. The reason we are doing this project is because we used to have so many sports and extra curricular activities at our school and now we don't have much of that because not many people are volunteering to coach or to organize events or team sports. Our goal is to bring back all those sports that we used to have such as soccer, basketball and more, but we will also try to create new activities too.

8. By: Evan Muir and Kieran Pattison