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Utopia by Mind Map: Utopia

1. Government

1.1. Democracy

1.1.1. example: having a democracy will help people elect their government officials and make the government equal.

1.1.2. analysis: democracies give more freedoms to their citizens and let them elect their officials.

1.2. Effects

1.2.1. example: having a democracy will effect the education system because it will allow the citizens to elect the heads of schools.

1.2.2. analysis: the education system will be more fair to the citizens and students because the people in higher postitions were elected, not chosen by the government.

2. Education

2.1. America

2.1.1. example: having the american education system will help students get an education at a low rate so it is affordable to everyone in the community.

2.1.2. analysis: the american education system allows all citizens to go to school and at a low rate. also, the american way shows that all students will get an education.

2.2. Effects

2.2.1. example: having the american education system will affect the energy source because it will have to produce more energy to supply the school.

2.2.2. analysis: the american education system provides public schools with many classrooms so an abundance of energy will have to be produced.

3. Transportation

3.1. Bikes

3.1.1. example: using bikes as transportation will benefit the community because everyone will be getting exercise and get to where they need to go.

3.1.2. analysis: biking helps keeps people in shape and helps them get to where they need to go at an efficient rate. and they are a non-pollutant type of transportation.

3.2. Effects

3.2.1. example: using bikes will affect our government because we will have a cleaner environment and be able to be energy-efficient.

3.2.2. analysis: the government is affected by biking because there will be less pollutants, so pollution will not be a governmental issue.

4. Economy

4.1. Market

4.1.1. example: a market economy will help the citizens because there are many ways to get money such as investments and the economy will benefit from the supply and demand distribution and production process.

4.1.2. analysis: market economies help keep money flowing and benefit the citizens of the country.

4.2. Effects

4.2.1. example: having a market economy will effect the type of transportation because people will not be paying money on cars or public transportation.

4.2.2. analysis: biking as a way of transportation will keep citizens paying money on other things besides transportation.

5. Energy Sources

5.1. Solar Power

5.1.1. Employee

5.1.2. Employee

5.2. example: solar power is an efficient way to gain and store energy. although it is expensive, it is a great way to get energy.

5.3. analysis: solar power is good for the environment because there is no pollutants in the air to cause any issues.

5.4. Effects

5.4.1. example: solar power will effect the economy because there is no money going to buy energy sources so there will be more money to use on other things.

5.4.2. analysis: the economy is affected because there is not money spent on energy sources that are expensive.