OpenSim (draft)

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OpenSim (draft) by Mind Map: OpenSim (draft)

1. Advantages

1.1. Cheap

1.2. Secure, you can run it behind firewall, stand-alone possible

1.3. Easy to connect with other opensim environments

1.4. unknown by public at large, so no reputation issues either

1.5. No interference by third parties - allows for lots of control

1.6. pioneer mentality of the community

1.7. Interference

1.7.1. third parties

2. Resources

2.1. OpenSim wiki

2.2. ReactionGrid

2.3. OSGrid

2.4. HyperGrid Worlds

2.5. Wikipedia entry

3. Disadvantages

3.1. professional help sometimes needed, requires some expertise

3.2. as yet no shared media (webmedia on a prim) - but there are collaborative document projects

3.3. voice is not an integrated part of opensim (but can be organized)

3.4. no integrated virtual currency or economy (but some grids do have that)

3.5. smaller audience, unknown by the public at large

3.6. alpha phase technology, crashes and glitches are rather frequent