Statistical analysis

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Statistical analysis by Mind Map: Statistical analysis

1. Descriptive statistics

1.1. Quantitative data

1.1.1. types continuous discrete

1.1.2. measures central tendency skewed data normal distribution spread for normal distribution for skewed data

1.2. Qualitative data

1.2.1. Types categorical (nominal) dichotomous ordinal

1.2.2. Measures percentages

2. Comparative statistics

2.1. Quantitative data and Quantitative data

2.1.1. correlation analysis linear regression/multiple linear regression for causation

2.2. Qualitative data and Qualitative data

2.2.1. sample more than 40 Chi-square test Logistic regression for causation Odds ratio 2x2 table

2.2.2. sample less than 40 Fissure exact test

2.2.3. Odds ratio and relative risk can be used if comparing dichotomous data with dichotomous data (2x2 table)

2.3. Qualitative data and Quantitative data

2.3.1. if quantitative data are normally distributed, use parametric statistics qualitative data 2 groups only (male and female) Student T test more than 2 groups ANOVA test

2.3.2. if quantitative is skewed, use non parametric statistics qualitative data 2 groups only (male and female) Mann-Whitney U test more than 2 groups Krskle-Wallis test