Communities That Are Starving

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Communities That Are Starving by Mind Map: Communities That Are Starving

1. Something to Meet the Need

2. Overall Issue or Problem

2.1. Starvation

2.1.1. There is people not able to pay for food and eat.

3. Resources available in the Situation

3.1. There are churches that are trying to feed the starving children and elders.

3.1.1. My own church, 180REMIX and HT are raising food and just finished raising money for water.

3.2. Evidence

3.2.1. Churches Raising Food

4. If the people with money give a dollar a day (5.925 billion people), That could feed more that could feed around half the children starving.

4.1. I believe that if we all donate $2 we could everyone starving in one day, But, we'd have to keep this up because they should eat everyday just like us.