Communities that are starving

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Communities that are starving by Mind Map: Communities  that are starving

1. picture on how many people are starving in our world

2. Videolinks


2.2. Charts on how many people starve in the world

3. Facts on communities and how they are starving

3.1. There are more than 925 million people hungry today

3.2. There is more then 166 million meals packaged in the world. And in this week there is over 863 thousand meals packed

3.3. African Americans are more than twice likely to suffer than from food insecurity as their white, non-Hispanic counterparts.

4. What people are trying to do to help the hunger situation

4.1. First what we need to do is raise the income of the poor by helping them to earn a better livelihood so they can afford to buy food;

4.2. Second, provide immediate and direct access to food for those families most in need.

4.3. We also can influence public policy to support poor people and there needs of food.

5. Resources



6. Why world hunger needs to be address

6.1. Another reason that we need to speak about world hungry is because other people in this world are dieing slowly every day of hunger

6.2. People also need to talk about world hunger because all the other people in poor family's in the world just struggle getting there proper meals everyday

6.3. One reason that world hunger needs to be addressed is because ending world hungry means that we also end poverty

7. Ideas on a ways that we can help this hunger situation the world

7.1. One idea that I have is if everybody got canned goods that they don't use and donate it to people in need of food that the nunger situation would be equilized

8. Charts on how many people starve in the world