Ebola and the possibility of a widespread pandemic.

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Ebola and the possibility of a widespread pandemic. by Mind Map: Ebola and the possibility of a widespread pandemic.

1. It is easy to get infected and spread.

1.1. Another Nurse got Ebola too after helping the Ebola patients. Before she even knew she had Ebola she traveled in an airplane to go to Ohio and thought she just had a cold. When she got there, the doctors Diagnosed her with the Ebola Virus, so all of the passengers on the airplane had to be quarantined and checked for the virus. Luckily the timing of her symptoms were important and when she was the airplane the virus was not contagious yet. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ebola-outbreak-cdc-official-says-texas-nurse-with-ebola-said-she-felt-funny-in-ohio/

1.1.1. A solution to stopping the wide spread pandemic is to stay healthy and clean. Also the doctors should try and find a cure or a treatment. and when someone even comes close to the Ebola patients , they should be put into quarantine. http://www.naturalhealth365.com/natural_cures/ebola-virus-solution-thomas-levy-1108.html In Africa they are hundreds of people dieing and suffering for this hideous disease. and we only have a couple of people that are dieing in the U.S. because Africa does not have as many resources that we do here. they probably have a couple of hospitals a shortage of medicines but those medicine barely do anything for the people that has Ebola

1.2. This issue needs to be addressed because this virus is a very deadly and fast spreading virus that needs to be controled.

1.3. A nurse that was helping the man that brought the Ebola Virus to the U.S. and after just one cough on her she had Ebola and didn't know it yet. So she was helping other people in that hospital, so they had to make sure nobody else had it.