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1. Find new customers

1.1. Understand who your customers are

1.2. Social aspects connect you and your customers emotionally

1.3. Allow for better understanding of customer

1.4. Word of mouth is inhanced

1.5. Easy to watch competition

1.6. Target market is easier to find

2. Identity of business

2.1. Easy branding of business

2.2. Allows you to view what people say about your business

2.3. Continuous buzz of products and services

2.4. Join networks

2.5. Export or inport from other sites

3. Create business pages

3.1. Multiple administrators

3.2. Public by default

3.3. Recieve ranking

3.4. Categorized

3.5. Easily accessable

3.6. Anyone can become a fan

4. Advertising

4.1. Events,Contesrs, promotions and pages

4.2. Use FBML to post links back to your site

4.3. global networks are easily accessable