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Prezi by Mind Map: Prezi

1. Prezi is a website used to make creative, innovative, and engaging presentations. As opposed to powerpoint, the presentation design is non-linear. You can move around the presentation space, zooming in and out. Students will be captivated when use this tool to share information, embed videos, and create graphic organizers.

1.1. I know a lot of people who, when introduced to Prezi for the first time, said that the way in which the display/transition methods of Prezi (aka, the things that make Prezi unique) were distracting. I didn't think so, but this was the opinion of the majority, which has always made me hesitant to use it, especially when students can have shorter attention spans. Did you find this to be true? If there's a way to deal with this issue, it seems like a cool program to use. - W. Clagett

1.2. Allie, I've used Prezi in some Drexel classes and I really liked it. Once I got the hang of it, I felt like it let me build a more interesting and creative presentation than I could using PowerPoint. In addition to embedding videos, I've embedded background music into a past Prezi, which I thought was a really cool aspect. This feature may not be unique to the Prezi tool, but it worked really well in that the music gave a tone/theme to the presentation while the viewer was free to explore the information in their own way. Would you agree that the viewer's option to explore information in a Prezi in any sequence (not just the track set by the creator) is something that sets it apart from traditional linear presentations? [J. Morroni]

2. Prezi is a cloud-based system (meaning it saves and shares data the same way your iPhone does). This allows for students to easily work on the same presentation in school and at home.

2.1. I have heard a lot about prezi and I have seen a few prezi presentations and really enjoyed them but I have never used it. I never knew that it was cloud based. This makes me want to use it even more. I think this makes the margin or error or accident or excuses much smaller, which is a great thing!! (H. Escoto)

3. Collaboration! Prezi allows students and teachers to collaborate on presentations and share information with one another. It can also be used to digitally present to anywhere on the globe, opening up possibilities for your students to create a presentation that they share with another class in a different school, state, or country.

3.1. can people log in from different locations to add to the prezi? -Dr. Fritz

3.1.1. Do you mean can I work on my prezi on my computer at school and then come home and work on it on my home computer? Then yes. Since it is cloud based, it can be accessed anywhere. - A. Devereaux Can more than one person log into Prezi and add to it (like we are doing here in MindMeister)? (S. Enge) Yes! They advertise it as working with "coworkers" from anywhere, anytime but the same can be applied to students! - A. Devereaux

4. Prezi is FREE for students and teachers. You can upgrade to EduPro for $59/year


6. Prezi, in an initiative supported by the White House, has donated $100 million to thousands of teachers in low-income schools across the country so that they may access the upgraded "Edu Pro" version. Find out more so you or your school can apply here:

7. My vice principle is PREZI crazy. she tells me that I am not allowed to have my students do power point presentations because PREZI is the future of presentation making. I am fine with the, I have never used it before, but I think it is cool that I am seeing it here, and talking about it. The biggest complaint I hear from my students however is that it is confusing and difficult to use. I guess its not user friendly, or it it take more effort to learn than power point does. (A. Zegelin)

7.1. Andrew, it's interesting to hear that your vice principal has "outlawed" PowerPoint in favor of Prezi. I really liked Prezi when I've used it, but I still don't like the idea of limiting the options for teachers and students. As you mentioned, Prezi can be confusing at times. Plus, what's wrong with learning the basics of linear presentations on a program like PowerPoint before building up to more complex presentations with a tool like Prezi? I'd be more concerned that students are using any technology to be collaborative and creative than I would be concerned that their using a particular tool. [J. Morroni]