"Why Animoto"

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"Why Animoto" by Mind Map: "Why Animoto"

1. How do students collaborate with this tool? Can they actually collaborate within the tool to create content? -Dr. Fritz

1.1. Through technology, students collaborate, communicate and create to learn various learning activates. Yes students are able to collaborate within animoto to create contents. Students can evaluate their peer’s videos online, view and provide feedback to the creator of the video. These videos can be linked at Wikispaces by the teacher for the learning community to view. D. White

2. Create professional quality videos with your photos and video clips within minutes.

2.1. Fast and easy, Flexible, Shareable

2.2. How would you compare this program to other video editing programs? I have a video editing program on my laptop that seems to be able to do the things I want it to, and it seems to me to be relatively simple to use. Students may not feel the same way, so it would be nice to find a simpler one if such technology were to be used in the classroom, but with only 30 seconds of video allowed for the free version of Animoto, it'd have to be pretty simple to warrant purchasing the non-free version. - W. Clagett

2.2.1. good questions, Wes; however, it sure would challenge the students to have to think critically and create a concise 30 second product! -Dr. Fritz

2.2.2. Yes, imagine having to create a 30 second product with enough information included to share with the reader your thoughts on a subject. It allows the students to stretch their level of critical thinking to present a product that required much planning and preparation. Check out this link to see what educators are saying about this tool. D. White

3. Type accounts: Classroom, Business, News & Features, Personal, and Photography.

4. Price: https://animoto.com/personal/pricing

5. What administrators are saying: https://animoto.com/pro/education

6. 5 Ideas for Integrating Video into Your Curriculum: http://animoto.com/blog/education/video-in-the-classroom/

6.1. Classroom: http://animoto.com/blog/category/education/

6.2. Free Animoto Plus account: https://animoto.com/education/classroom

6.3. I love the idea of using animoto for producing a book report. I can already picture taking actual class photos during science units and putting them together to summarize at the end. In addition, it would be great for special education students because it provides a visual and also a chance for relating lessons to reality. -M.Curtis

6.3.1. Yes and the wonderful thing about it is the animato group will create the video for the children. To them it will appear as a wonderful creation designed by them. Additionally, it allows the children to explore their higher level critical thinking, plus is it is free. D. White

7. https://animoto.com/business

8. About Animoto: https://animoto.com/about

9. Features: https://animoto.com/

10. Animoto is considered one of the best social media tools for combing video, text, images, and sound.

10.1. Teachers can apply at http://education.animoto.com for a free account.

11. Animoto incorporates technology into the teaching and learning process. It promotes media literacy in the 21st Century classroom by allowing students to create and produce ideas, topics, and subjects which can later be presented in the classroom allowing for some directed conservation to take place. It allows students to recognize and use their higher level critical thinking skills to enhance their learning process.

12. Collaboration between students is an essential part of hands on activities in the classroom. It is the core that ties the various ways the curriculum is presented to the students. Students working together in the classroom within social networks are collaborating as a unit to exercise their higher level of critical thinking by reaching beyond the common means of learning to updated strategies and tools to work their minds.