Hidden Curriculum of a PhD in TEL and e-research

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Hidden Curriculum of a PhD in TEL and e-research by Mind Map: Hidden Curriculum of a PhD in TEL and e-research

1. Feeding the ongoing need to develop theory and research in the field of 'networked learning'

1.1. NL values/axiology

1.1.1. Sustainability

1.1.2. Collaborative learning

2. values

2.1. Interculturality

2.1.1. Influencing students original cultural identity towards a belonging to an enlarged learning culture

2.1.2. Is the online space democratising? is it really a 'new territory... where the only frontiers of which are the limits of imagination' (R&R 2012 p334)

2.2. text is important

2.3. whiteness?

2.3.1. is English 'white'?

3. social presence

3.1. asserted by tutor

3.2. dominated by a few with >time/inclination

4. attempts to 'de-centre' tutors

4.1. fail

4.1.1. maxing out of reading lists in spite of affirming a non-didactic pedegogy

4.2. work well

4.2.1. minimalism of 'reading lists'

4.2.2. emphasis on personal exploration of the literature/theory

4.3. student collaborative ethos

5. conformity to module design enforced through pass/fail elements

6. Outputs are (still) individualistic in spite of collaborative mantra

7. final research paper still matters the most

7.1. apprenticeship in research

7.2. focus on assessment / assessment matrix

8. Impact of the university's 'Brand'

8.1. prestige

8.2. what else?