Kentico in Azure

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Kentico in Azure by Mind Map: Kentico in Azure

1. Kentico

1.1. Architecture

1.1.1. Web Role Web Application

1.1.2. Worker Role Smart Search

1.1.3. Blob Storage File Stroage

1.1.4. SQL Azure Database

1.1.5. Session Management Azure SQL Windows Azure Cache

1.2. Upgrades

1.3. Performance

1.3.1. Cache Strategy Page Data Application HTTP

1.3.2. Scaling Vertically Horizontally

2. Azure

2.1. Storage

2.1.1. Blob

2.1.2. Table

2.1.3. Queue

2.1.4. File

2.2. SQL Azure

2.2.1. Alerts SQL Databases Storage Log Write Percent Data Read Percent CPU Percent Storage Blog, queue, table alert rules based on monitoring metics

2.2.2. Service Tiers Basic Basic Standard S0 S1 S2 Premium P1 P2 P3

2.2.3. Performance Database Throughput Unit (DTU) Azure SQL Database Benchmark (ASDB) Transaction Rate Predictability

2.2.4. Universal Features Automatic high-availability (HA) Load Balancing Built-in management

2.2.5. Monitoring Query Plans Extended Events Dynamic Management Views (DMV)

2.2.6. Management Tooling Azure Management Portal SQL Database Management Portal SQL Server Management Studio REST API & PowerShell 3rd Party Tools

2.2.7. Business Continuity Backup & Restore Built-in Automatic Backup Point in Time Restore Geo-Restore Geo-Replication Standard Active

2.2.8. Scaling Elastic Scale Custom Sharding Federations

2.3. Web Sites

2.3.1. Tiers Free Shared Basic Standard Scal-Out max: 10 Integrated Load Balancer Backups Auto Scale WebJobs Azure Scheduler Staged Publishing SLA: 99.9%

2.3.2. Sizes Small CPU: 1 Memory: 1.75 GB Medium CPU: 2 Memory: 3.5GB Large CPU: 4 Memory: 7 GB

2.4. Identity & Access

2.4.1. Active Directory

2.5. Telemitry

2.5.1. Logging IIS Logs Azure Diagnostic Infra Logs IIS Failed Request Logs Windows Event Logs Performance Counters Crash Dumps Custom Error Logs .NET EventSource Manifest based ETW KUDU

2.5.2. Alerts Cloud Services Monitoring metrics from the host OS Performance counters Web endpoint status Mobile Services Mobile endpoint status

3. Application Lifecycle Management

3.1. Source Control

3.1.1. Git GitHub Bitbucket

3.1.2. TFS

3.2. Build

3.2.1. Bamboo

3.2.2. MSBuild

3.2.3. Jenkins

3.2.4. VS Hosted Build Controller

3.3. Test

3.3.1. Automated Selenium NUnit MSTest Bamboo

3.3.2. Manual Microsoft Test Runner JIRA

3.3.3. Load Visual Studio Online Application Insights Load Test

3.4. Deployment

3.4.1. Microsoft Release Mgmt for Visual Studio Visual Studio Online Azure Resource Management (ARM) Azure Automation Service PowerShell WAML Chef Vagrant Puppet Xplat CLI

3.4.2. 3rd Party Bamboo

3.5. Operations

3.5.1. Monitoring Global Service Monitor Azure Management Console Application Insights Basic Availability Basic Performance Application Usage Custom Telemetry

3.5.2. Scaling Scheduled Triggered

3.5.3. Azure Traffic Manager Policies Monitoring

3.5.4. Service Gateway

3.5.5. Security Identity & Access Auditing & Logging

3.6. Process Tooling

3.6.1. Collaboration Target Process JIRA Pivotal Tracker Visual Studio Online