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Smoking by Mind Map: Smoking

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Smokers/Consumers

1.1.1. Main Targets of Smoking Cessation Campaigns

1.1.2. Provide Critiques and Help Shape Cessation Programs

1.2. Tobacco Industry

1.2.1. Financial Burden of Smoking Cessation Programs

1.2.2. Support Would Strengthen Cessation Initiatives

1.3. Government

1.3.1. Local Smoke Free Laws Smoke-Free Public Places Community Programs

1.3.2. State School Programs Start Education at a Young Age Smoke Free Initiatives Taxes on Tobacco Products

1.3.3. Federal Funding Campaigns

1.4. Health Care Professionals

1.4.1. Doctors

1.4.2. Pharmacists

1.4.3. Counselors

1.4.4. Psychologists

1.5. Large Corporations

1.5.1. CVS/pharmacy Tobacco Free Stores

2. Smoking Cessation

2.1. Health Benefits

2.1.1. Decrease in Blood Pressure Decrease in Amount of Medications Taken Daily

2.1.2. Decrease in Cancer Risk Significantly Decrease Lung Cancer Risk

2.1.3. Increase in Lung Capacity Decrease In Asthma/COPD

2.1.4. Overall Healthier Person/Family Prevent Second Hand Smoke Problems Positive Role Model for Others

2.2. Resources to Aid in Cessation

2.2.1. Group/Individual Counseling Family Support Medical Community Support

2.2.2. Medication Over-the-counter Prescription

2.2.3. Media Television Radio Advertisements Electronic Print

2.2.4. Smoke-Free Laws Taxes on Tobacco Products Smoke-Free Public Places

2.2.5. Federal, State, and Local Governments

2.2.6. Health Care Professionals

3. Risks Associated with Smoking

3.1. Costs

3.1.1. Health Care Medical Bills Days of Work Lost

3.1.2. Lifestyle Rising Cost of Tobacco Taxes

3.2. Health Problems

3.2.1. Cancer Risk

3.2.2. Lung Problems

3.2.3. Overall Health Blood Pressure Circulation Problems

4. Risk Factors

4.1. Educational Level

4.1.1. High School and Above

4.1.2. Below High School

4.2. Socioeconomic Status

4.2.1. Lower Income

4.2.2. Higher Income

4.3. Social Pressures

4.3.1. Family

4.3.2. Peers

4.3.3. Societal Norms

4.3.4. Advertisements