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Snapchat by Mind Map: Snapchat

1. destructive form of technology

2. inappropriate picture messages

3. distractive, people check it all the time since it takes a few seconds to look at a picture and send one back

4. cruel, may be used to take pictures and bully other people

5. more modern version of sexting

6. these sexual images are screens hotted and shared amongst peers

7. people are more likely to do it because it seems "safer" and because everyone uses snapchat

8. it allows both girls and guys to act rude and demand sexual images, often during the first time you talk if you meet on an online social platform such as instagram or tinder

9. Allows children to use it without their parents knowing what they are talking about or what they are sending to other people or what they are receiving from other people

10. Allows children to hide sexual relationships

11. allows inappropriate minor and non minor relationships such as student teacher