Structure of the Federal Courts

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Structure of the Federal Courts by Mind Map: Structure of the Federal Courts

1. Supreme Court

1.1. Rules over the Circuit Courts

1.2. Reviews Circuits Courts decision

2. Circuit Courts

2.1. Circuit Courts, also known as U.S. Court of Appeals

2.2. Divided by region

2.3. Each Circuit has a Court

2.4. 13 Circuit Courts

2.5. Circuit courts review decisions of District courts

2.6. 12th and 13th circuit are different

2.6.1. 12th district is the D.C. circuit, only hearing appeals from The District of Columbia

2.6.2. 13th district is the Federal district and deals with rulings from any district if it deals with federal issues

3. District Courts

3.1. Circuits divided into Districts

3.2. More populated states have more districts

3.3. Every district has its own court