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Holidays by Mind Map: Holidays

1. Christmas

1.1. Christmas is a religious holiday.

1.2. December 25th

2. New Year's Day

2.1. The beginning of the new year!

2.2. January 1st

3. Independence's Day

3.1. We celebrate our freedom

3.2. July 4th

4. Easter

4.1. It is another religious holiday.

4.2. It is always on a Sunday and it is the first Sunday after a full moon

5. Halloween

5.1. A day to get free candy! trick or treating is dressing up and walking door to door

5.2. October 31st

6. President's Day

6.1. A day we don't have school. Also George Washington's birthday.

6.2. February 17th

7. Thanksgiving

7.1. Giving thanks to everyone

7.2. The forth Thursday on November

8. Labor Day

8.1. First Monday of September

8.2. A break for the farmers. End of harvest.

9. Memorial Day

9.1. Last Monday in May

9.2. Remember those who fought, and to give thanks to those who are still fighting

10. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

10.1. We remember MLK, and what he has done for us

10.2. The third Monday in January.

11. Valentine's Day

11.1. A day to express your love to anyone.

11.2. February 14th

12. Mother's Day

12.1. Mother's Day is a day we appracite our Mom's. Not everybody has a mom, so some people doesn't celebrate it.

12.2. May 10th

13. Father's Day

13.1. It is like Mother's Day but we thank our fathers. Not everyone has a father so not everyone celebrates it.

13.2. June 21st