Europe, a place of opportunities

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Europe, a place of opportunities by Mind Map: Europe, a place of opportunities

1. Economy

1.1. Economic and monetary affairs


1.2. Trade


1.3. Employment and social affairs


1.4. The EURO

1.4.1. "The euro is the single currency shared by (currently) 18 of the European Union's Member States, which together make up the euro area. The introduction of the euro in 1999 was a major step in European integration. It has also been one of its major successes: more than 333 million EU citizens now use it as their currency and enjoy its benefits, which will spread even more widely as other EU countries adopt the euro."

1.4.2. Very interesant

2. Free movement of people

2.1. Free movement of people

2.2. No fiscal borders

2.3. All the Europeans, can live or move in all the territories of the EU

2.4. You can also work in all the country

2.5. Have the education in other countries

2.6. Medical suport

2.7. All in: your live in Europe


2.8. Do business

2.8.1. Duty-free

3. Environment

3.1. Reduction of pollutant emissions from light vehicles

3.1.1. European peage "The European Union (EU) aims to introduce stricter limits on pollutant emissions from light road vehicles, particularly for emissions of nitrogen particulates and oxides. The Regulation includes measures concerning access to information on vehicles and their components and the possibility of introducing tax incentives." Taken from the EU web page

3.2. Farmers

3.2.1. Europe regulates the chemicals substances restricts the use of pesticides

3.2.2. The European agricultural agreement

3.3. Fisheries council


3.3.2. The commission meed 1 time per month and they discus out the fisheries (it's in the web page)

3.4. European oficial page of the rules in all Eurepe


4. Law in Europe

4.1. Protect the Consumer rights

4.1.1. Like regulating the farmers production

4.2. Regulations, Directives and other acts

4.3. Application of EU law

4.4. Defend the rights in all the European countries

4.5. In the video explains how to make a new law


4.6.1. All the law information