Dramatic Events in My Life

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Dramatic Events in My Life by Mind Map: Dramatic Events in My Life

1. Being accepted into college

1.1. Feeling accomplished

1.1.1. Feeling proud of myself and proving to people that I could be successful on the goals I set for myself

1.1.2. Realizing that you got a chance to go to school and get a job and being able to have a good life

1.1.3. Setting new goals for myself to achieve in my new enviroment

1.2. Making my family proud

1.2.1. Making them proud that I am going to do something with my life and that they raised a well educated kid

1.2.2. I want to make my family proud by being able to take care of them as they took care of me growing up

1.2.3. By doing my best know matter what and not slack off

1.3. Getting my life together

1.3.1. Setting up my life job that I will be happy with for the rest of my life

1.3.2. realizing that there is a future ahead of me and I can be successful if I try

1.3.3. The feeling I got when I picked my career path was an indescribable feeling of joy

2. Graduating High School

2.1. Feeling successful

2.1.1. The feeling you get when you accomplish one of your many goals and making people proud of you and talk about you in a good way

2.1.2. I got the best feeling through my body when I graduated like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders

2.1.3. Being happy with everything I've done in my life and not wanting to go back and change the outcome

2.2. Making my family proud

2.2.1. By being proud of a well educated kid they raised and give them a reason to be proud

2.2.2. When I showed my family my diploma there smiles were the biggest I have ever saw that's how proud they were of me

2.2.3. Prove to my family if I put my all in something and I am dedicated to it then I will be successful

2.3. Looking forward to college

2.3.1. Being excited to move on to bigger and better things with my life

2.3.2. Meeting ne people and branching out of old habits

2.3.3. Pretty much I get a fresh start to make a name for myself and make new friends

3. Losing my hearing

3.1. What people thought about me

3.1.1. I didn't really care how people judged me because I learned to live with my flaws and people realized that and came around

3.1.2. it gets to a point where you just don't care any more what ignorant people have to say about you and you just move on happily with your life

3.1.3. My parents raised me to not to care what people say about other people

3.2. How I felt out of place

3.2.1. I just felt like people judged me because I had to have people repeat themselves over and over again

3.2.2. Know one really understands how difficult it is unless you have the same situation that's why you should never judge anyone because you don't know what they have been through

3.2.3. people thought I was so different and just ignored me and didn't even give me a chance

3.3. How I overcame the situation

3.3.1. By accepting the fact that I wont be able to hear again and increasing on the other senses that got better from this event

3.3.2. My family really helped me out by always being by my side no matter what happened

3.3.3. Also by being proud of the man it made me today

4. Getting in my car accident

4.1. How you look at life

4.1.1. You realize the little thing you take for granted but you don't realize how fast it can be taken away

4.1.2. Learning to be a little more appreciative with the little things

4.1.3. being able to be more patient with people

4.2. How to cope with the injuries

4.2.1. I realized through my injuries that sports maybe over with me until I did therapy

4.2.2. I just kept pushing myself to get better and being able to be active and doing what I love to do

4.2.3. Realizing how hard I am going to have to work to get better

4.3. How it affected people around me

4.3.1. Its sad when it takes a near death experience for people to get over the past between each other for them to become friends again

4.3.2. I look at people so differently now due to this experience

4.3.3. people realize how important you are and life changes so fast when something that scary happens