Relationships and community in Lord of the Flies

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Relationships and community in Lord of the Flies by Mind Map: Relationships and community in Lord of the Flies

1. "I got the conch" said Piggy in a hurt voice. "I got a right to speak." (Golding 45)

1.1. The boys made the rules as a group, but they don't follow them when the rules are applying to Piggy. They don't seem to treat him as an equal because he is different than they are. The rules are important because they help keep everyone in line and rules also help people to feel like they are equal. The boys don't follow the rules as much as they should, and they are discriminating against Piggy because he is different.

2. " 'Let's be moving,' said Jack relentlessly, 'we are wasting time.' "No we're not. What about the littluns?" "Sucks to the littluns!" Someone's got to look after them." "Nobody has so far." "There was no need! Now there is. Piggy'll look after them." (Golding 101).

2.1. The boys are becoming more aware of each other. They are realizing the dangers that could be out there. They are becoming more of a community because they are looking out for the boys who can't take care of themselves as easily. They are losing some of their savage tendencies.

3. The meaning of this quote is that even though Piggy has pretty good ideas and is pretty smart, the boys completely ignore that fact and just focus on his physical disabilities. They don't listen to him and make fun of him because he's different.

4. "Who cares what you believe - Fatty." (Golding 90)

5. Even though Jack is a great hunter and gets them meat does not meant that he would not be like this as a leader. He would use fear as a main factor and dictate the community of boys. Piggy knows this will happen to not only him but everyone in the community.

6. This picture symbolizes how the boys are being prejudice against Piggy and judging him off of his looks; lack of brawn even though he has one of the cleverest brains of the entire gang. It shows how their community is not being civilized by acting prejudice.

7. "Not even Ralph knew how a link between him and Jack had been snapped and fastened elsewhere." (Golding 73)"

7.1. Ralph and Jack's relationship is getting worse and worse. Jack isn't respecting anyone and all he cares about is hunting. Raph is trying to prepare the boys for life here so they wont be as scared. He used to be fine with Piggy being bullied, but now he is standing up for him

7.1.1. This symbolizes the relationship with Jack and Ralph. It was pretty strong at the beginning of the book and then the one time a ship went by and he wasn't there to light the fire and that is when their relationship snapped.

8. It seems that the littleuns are starting to create their own little community away from the Biguns. They do still go to the meetings and from time to time participate in whole group activites. It seems that they might not want a strong relationship and community with any one else.

9. "The smaller boys were know now by the general name of littleuns" (Golding 59)

10. Lauren

11. "The beach near the bathing pool was dotted with groups of boys waiting for the assembly. They made way for him silently, conscious of his mood and the fault at the fire" (Golding 77).

12. Even though the community is falling apart, the boys still want to keep some sort of relationship with Ralph and everyone else. They are still human and need to be with oother humans in a community, even if they are distant from each other.

12.1. This picture represents the community among the boys. Ralph is the red figure who tries to being people together and sometimes there are still people on the outside who want to remain distant from each other but the majority of them want to keep a good relationship among their community.

13. "Piggy was a bore; his fat, his ass-mar, and his matter-of-fact ideas were dull, but there was always a little pleasure to be got out of pulling his leg." (Golding 65)

14. "Suddenly Jack shouted in rage. 'Are you accusing-?' 'All I'm saying is we've worked dashed hard. That's all.' They were both red-faced and found looking at each other difficult" (Golding 51-520).

15. The meaning of this quote is that just because the children are smaller or younger than the other boys, they are given a title that separates them from everyone else.

16. The meaning of this quote is as Piggy holds the conch and tries to speak, Jack interrupts him and makes it seem like no one cares because he's an outcast and no one likes him. Then he adds a rude remark about his weight.

16.1. This picture explains how the boys treat Piggy based upon his weight. They treat him as if he has no feelings, as if he has no voiced opinion and as if he is nothing but fat and lard. Although this picture is more modern and referring to overweight children as jelly-filled, it still gets the point across that still people treat them as the boys are doing to Piggy in this book.

17. Jack and Ralph have a very interesting relatioship. They get mad at each other and cant get along one moment, and the next they are sort of acting like friends or they at least tolerate each other. Although both boys do want to be in control and have power which can get in the way of any relationship

18. "If Jack was chief, he'd have hunting and no fire. We'd be here till we died." (Golding 93)

19. The meaning of this quote is everyone thinks Jack is an amazing hunter and super manly but most of the boys don't believe he'd be a good chief because he"s a savage and only care about hunting, not getting rescued. If he ruled, it would be a dictatorship.

20. "For the first time that day, and despite the crowding blackness, Ralph sniggered." (Golding 165).

21. Ralph now finds the idea of getting rescued immediately, funny. He laughs as Piggy tells him they must get rescued soon.

22. Jen Siripachana

23. The boys on the island are starting to come togehter in different ways than they awere before. The hunters are forming their own little community and buildinig a relationship togehter, the littlle uns are building a relationship togehter, and theen that leaves Simon, Piggy, and Ralph by themselves.

24. This is showing how people are discriminating against Piggy just because he is different than they are,

25. This means that even though Ralph tried to establish rules, the boys continue to break them by treating Piggy as an outcast instead of an equal.

26. Jessie Poulsen

27. To add on, Ralph and Jack both want different things. But in the end of chapters 5 and 6, they start to understand each other better.

28. This means that even though the relationship between the boys is weak, they still seem to come back together because they realize that they're all the same in other ways.

29. Emma

30. This picture represents how the boys are torn between choosing Ralph or Jack, They don't want to only choose one, so they stay in the middle of them both.

31. It seems that even though the island has gotten to all the boys heads, Ralph and some of the other boys brought back some sanity to the boys' lives.

32. "The greatest ideas are the simplest. Now that their was something to be done, they worked with passion"(Golding 129).

33. Now that Jack has gone off, the boys only have the beast to fear now. Ralph and the other boys were starting to feel secure and work together to re build not only the community and civilization but the bonds between each other.

34. "They hate you, Ralph. They're going to do you." "They're going to hunt you tomorrow" (Golding 188).

34.1. This shows how savage the boys have become. When they first went out to hunt they were too scared to kill anything. Now they are willing to kill another boy just because he doesn't agree with them on a couple of things. The community on the island has become more savage than I ever thought it would.

35. Jack is starting to rub off on Ralph, because he is starting to not find the fire to be as important. Ralph has slowing been losing sight of what is important starting in the middle of the book and has always slightly been a bully to Piggy, but now it is finally coming out.

36. The way the boys banned together under one older boy is in a sense like how the lost boys follow and are "ruled" or lead by Peter Pan. Jack is like Peter Pan and the hunters are like the lost boys.

37. "Then the sea breathed again in a long, slow sigh, the water boiled white and pink over the rock; and when it went, sucking back again, the body of Piggy was gone" (Golding 181).

38. I find it truthfully very interesting that Simon and Piggy's bodies were both taking away from the island by the sea the same way. I wonder if and why Golding did this. Is there some deeper relationship between the two or is there a deeper or hidden meaning behind the deaths and disposals of Piggy and Simon.

39. "Jack made a rush and stabbed at Ralph's chest with his spear. Ralph sensed the position of the weapon from the glimpse he caught of Jack's arm and put the thrust aside with his own butt"(Golding 177).

40. This is the end of what little was left of a relationship between Jack and Ralph, the last string has snapped. Even though it small, it brought them together once in while, but when they fought they, it got thinner and thinner until Jack was finally done putting up with Ralph and his democracy.

41. Ralph and Jack have very different views on what they think is right for the group. I think this is one of the first parts where they are realizing that they don't feel the same about what the group should spend their time doing. They have a very rocky relationship. Sometimes they can get along, and others they want to kill each other.

42. "He put the conch to his lips and began to blow. Savages appeared, painted out of recognition, edging around the ledge toward the neck." (Golding 175)

42.1. Even though the boys have split into two groups, they still respond to the sound of the conch. They say that they do not need the conch in their tribe but they still all respond to it like they did when they were all in one group. The conch is the main thing that brought the boys together in the beginning and they will always have a connection to it.

43. "Why do you hate me?" ((pg. 118)

43.1. When Ralph says this to Jack it surprises all the boys on the hunt. Everyone knew by this point that this was true, but no one thought Ralph would say it. He used his new understanding from Piggy and shocked everyone. By saying this Ralph is testing how well their relationship is within this community.

44. "Bollocks to the rules! We're strong - we hunt! If there's a beast, we'll hunt it down! We'll close in and beat and beat and beat-!" (pg. 91)

44.1. Jack is trying to break off from their community. He is acting like a savage not trying to pay any attention to the rules and just trying to do things his way. His tone is foreshadowing how he is going to be a savage eventually.

45. "We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us-" (pg. 16)

45.1. Piggy and Ralph want to call a meeting to see if there are any survivors left. When they blow the conch it is the birth of their communications in their community and starts the relationships among the boys.

46. "An assembly only for us?" (pg. 169)

46.1. Since Piggy, Ralph and Samneric are the only biguns left, they are the only ones who would come to the assembly and hear the conch. Their community is crumbling beneath them and most of their relationships are broken or hanging on by the last string. Ralph is giving up hope in being rescued.

47. The pied piper's flute it like the conch in many ways. The both have a power over the boys to come and isten or follow who ever has it. Both the Conch and the Flute are a symbol of power. Ralph and Piggy think that who ever has it gets to speak and has power over everyone else and the flute controls children, no one can escape it.

48. This represents the start of the community because the boys used a conch to assemble all of their meetings and to help with overall communication.

49. The boys used to be a unified community. Now they are clearly split in to two different groups. The single community that they once had is now split into two opposing groups. There are now two communities on the island, and the boys who have chosen a side will never have the same connection to the boys from the other group ever again.

50. "I said you were hunters. That was your job." (pg. 150)

50.1. The first ones to break off from the community were Jack and the hunters Ralph wanted them to prioritize being rescued and keeping the fire going and instead Jack decided to prioritize something else. They had two different viewpoints: Ralph trying to be rescued at all costs and Jack enjoying freedom from adults wanting to play around. This can be seen in the different ways the govern their communities and their relationships with each other.

51. The meaning of this is that Jack isn't really cooperating with his community so he turns into a savage and only cares about hunting and killing.