7 Aspects of Civilization

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7 Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilization

1. Social Structure and Family Life

1.1. The Sumerians

1.1.1. Men and women were equal Women could do the same things as men, such as running a bussiness

1.2. Shang Zhou (Huang He- Yellow River)

1.2.1. Zhou was raised by a royal family

1.3. social life of the Shang dynasty were known to the public mainly through the cultural relics unearthed from Yin Ruins

2. Economy and Trade

2.1. The Sumerians

2.1.1. The Sumerians would trade wheat. dried fish, wool, and metal goods for copper tin and timber They used barley and sliver to trade

2.2. Shang/Zhou (Huang He-Yellow River)

2.2.1. In the early times they occupied in Bronze- ware vessels and weapons/

2.2.2. Large Production in mining and refining

3. Religon

3.1. Sumerians

3.1.1. Practiced a polytheistic relion Sumerians believed that they lived in a massive dome(Earth)

3.2. Shang/ Zhou (Huang He- Yellow River)

3.2.1. Had their own religion they followed

3.2.2. Shang kings also functioned as the high priests of society, which included leading the divination ceremonies

3.2.3. They had an emphasis on ancestor worship and a belief in a pantheon of gods headed by the supreme deity.

4. Geography and Agriculture

4.1. The Sumerians

4.1.1. Where the Sumerians were located, there was very enriched soil to farm They were loacted inbetween the Tigrus and the Euphrates

4.2. Shang/ Zhou (Huang He-Yellow River)

4.2.1. They ruled the Yellow River Valley

4.2.2. The Shang people arose from diverse Neolithic cultures in north China, and from around 1500 B.C.

5. Science and Technology

5.1. Shang/ Zhou (Huang He- Yellow River)

5.1.1. There were probably a number of early centers of bronze technology bronze production was as symbolic of ruling authority as they were representative of Shang ritual ceremonies and burial traditions

5.2. Sumerians

5.2.1. The oldest wheel was found where the Sumerians use to live They were the 1st people to use the potter's wheel

6. Government and Leaders

6.1. Sumerians

6.1.1. They had a Monarchy Hammurabi ( A leaders) made the code of laws very successful.

6.2. Shang Zhou (Huang He- Yellow River)

6.2.1. There was a Monrchy. Shang Zhou was their leader or "King:". Later after his army Shnag infinity was defeated by the rebels he had committed suicide.

6.2.2. The Zhou rulers worked to extend their territory and developed a system of governance that gave hereditary power to local leaders, including relatives of the royal family, trusted subordinates, and loyal local chiefs.

7. Arts and Education

7.1. Sumerians

7.1.1. Sumerians used many different symbols to write Most of the art created by the Sumerians was religous elated

7.2. Shang/ Zhou (Huang He- Yellow River)

7.2.1. They were also the first culture in China to have a fully developed writing system

7.2.2. Bronze Vessels is one of the many few artifacts to survive.