Aspects of civilization

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Aspects of civilization by Mind Map: Aspects of civilization

1. Arts and Education

1.1. Shang/Zhou

1.1.1. Bronze house hold items Highly decorated tombs

1.2. Huang He

1.2.1. Art often showed how important customs and rituals where. Most artwork was made of bronze and gold

2. Science and Technology

2.1. Shang/Zhou

2.1.1. Iron tools where made in the Shang Zhou dynasty Chariots where used in war

2.2. Huang He

2.2.1. They invented paper They also created the water wheel

3. Geography and Agriculture

3.1. Shang/Zhou

3.1.1. Found in modern day china Fertile soil made it very easy to plant crops

3.2. Huang He

3.2.1. Located next to the yellow river creating a steady water supply There were geological barriers such as deserts and mountains that they had to work around

4. Social Structure and Family Life

4.1. Shang/Zhou

4.1.1. Social hierarchy King in charge then nobles and priest, then farmers, and at the bottom was slaves

4.2. Huang He

4.2.1. In all Huang He families the father was the head figure Marriages where arraigned in Huang He

5. Economy and Trade

5.1. Shang/Zhou

5.1.1. Silk has a major product made here Large majority of population farmed

5.2. Huang He

5.2.1. Silk was produced and traded down the silk road Another being economic

6. Relgion

6.1. Shang/Zhou

6.1.1. They had many nature related gods Priest made sacrifices to their gods

6.2. Huang He

6.2.1. They believed that things in nature have a religious meaning They also worshiped the souls of their ancestors

7. Government and leaders

7.1. Shang/Zhou

7.1.1. Civalization ruled by empioror These empriores where consider political, military, and religious leaders kind of like a modern day dictator

7.2. Huang He

7.2.1. One main leader in a capital city with appointed leaders in the smaller cities The Huang he government is classified as a military dictatorship