7 Aspects of Civiliazation

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7 Aspects of Civiliazation by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civiliazation

1. Governments and Leaders

1.1. Sumeria

1.1.1. Priests held a high status in Sumer

1.1.2. Priests governed the city-states

1.1.3. City-states battled for dominance

1.1.4. War chiefs began to rule as kings

1.2. Shang/Zhou

1.2.1. Ruled by the Mandate of Heaven

1.2.2. Anyone that was corrupt could not hold power

1.2.3. The highest position was emperor/king

1.2.4. The gods would support a just ruler

2. Economy and Trade

2.1. Sumeria

2.1.1. Obtained many of their materials and art through trade

2.1.2. Sumer lacked many raw materials that they had to trade for to obtained

2.2. Shang/Zhou

2.2.1. Engaged in large scale production of vessles

2.2.2. Large scale weapon production

3. Religion

3.1. Sumeria

3.1.1. Worshipped many gods

3.1.2. Believed that gods controlled all natural forces

3.1.3. Believed that a god protected each city-state

3.1.4. Believed that the gods were like humans in many ways

3.2. Shang/Zhou

3.2.1. Offered gifts to diseased ancestors

3.2.2. Prepared ritual meals with their ancestors in mind

3.2.3. Often asked ancestors for advice

3.2.4. Believed in afterlife in which a ruler would still need his riches

4. Science and Technology

4.1. Sumeria

4.1.1. Learned to use geometry

4.1.2. Developed a math system based on the number 60

4.1.3. Invented the wheel

4.1.4. Invented the plow

4.2. Shang/Zhou

4.2.1. Developed basic geometry

4.2.2. Developed acupunture and moxibustion

4.2.3. Developed calculating with chips and tallies

4.2.4. Developed a basic arithmetic and fractions

5. Geography and Agriculture

5.1. Sumeria

5.1.1. Land was well suited for agriculture

5.1.2. Floods in the area left behind a fertile mud, or silt

5.1.3. Earlier farmers grew grain such as wheat and barley

5.2. Shang/Zhou

5.2.1. The soil was very fertile due to annual flooding

5.2.2. Annual floods made it an excellent location to grow rice

6. Arts and Education

6.1. Sumeria

6.1.1. Used arches, ramps and columns in architecture

6.1.2. Sculptures included statues with large, wide open eyes

6.2. Shang/Zhou

6.2.1. Art was made out of marble, diorite, and hammered gold

6.2.2. Most sculptures were made out of clay due to its natural abundance

7. Social Structure and Family Life

7.1. Sumeria

7.1.1. Kings, landholders, and were the highest class

7.1.2. Women had almost all the same rights as men

7.1.3. Wealth merchants were right below kings on the social class

7.2. Shang/Zhou

7.2.1. Lived off a social pyramid

7.2.2. Priests were at the top of the pyramid, followed by the military nobility, priests, merchants, and farmers