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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Hobbies

1.1. volleyball

1.1.1. I play for Boston and i am an Outside Hitter and Setter. Also, i am a back row left side.

1.2. listening to music

1.2.1. I listen to any type of music. I enjoy rap and Alternative.

2. Goals

2.1. going to college

2.1.1. I hope to go to Notre Dame or Butler. I also wish to get a Master's degree in Marine Biology.

2.2. getting a job

2.2.1. I wish to get a job in the Marine Biology field. Pretty much any job in that field would be my dream.

3. Friends

3.1. Chelsea Bartels

3.1.1. I've known Chelsea since about second grade. We met in Brownies (Girl Scouts)

3.2. Madeline Fleshman

3.2.1. Maddie and I met in second grade. She and i met in our second grade class.

3.3. Madison Moore

3.3.1. Madison and I met about a year ago. Our parents are dating and we met at Zao Island.

3.4. Mom

3.4.1. I've known my mom all of my life. She has always been there for me and i can tell her anything.

4. Family

4.1. Dad

4.1.1. My dad is a big part of my life because he is always there for me and I can tell him anything.

4.2. Mom

4.2.1. My mom is my best friend and I always talk to her about anything and everything.

4.3. Kayle (Sister)

4.3.1. My little sister is one of the most annoying little kids I've ever met but I love her to death.

4.4. Bryan

4.4.1. Bryan is my mom"s boyfriend and has been in my life for about a year. He's awesome and always knows how to have fun.

4.5. Lindsey

4.5.1. Lindsey is my dad's girlfriend and is one of the best people I've ever met.

5. Worries/Fears

5.1. the dark

5.1.1. Many things of the dark frighten me and i cannot sleep without a light on.

5.2. getting bad grades

5.2.1. I always have nervous breakdowns about large projects and normally do not get enough sleep each night that I have one.

6. How I spend my days

6.1. watching tv

6.1.1. I normally watch Four Weddings and bridal shows. Also, I like to watch Long Island Medium.

6.2. playing volleyball

6.2.1. I play with my mom and sister on the weekends. Also, i play with my mom's boyfriend and his daughter.

6.3. sleeping

6.3.1. I normally sleep all weekend. Also, I get about 9-10 hours of sleep each night.

7. Music, Tv, Video Games, etc.

7.1. Music: Alternative, Country, Rap, and Hip-Hop

7.1.1. I enjoy many different types of music.

7.2. Tv shows: Four Weddings, Long Island Medium

7.2.1. I like these shows because i enjoy watching weddings and people hearing from their family members.

8. Pet Peeves

8.1. when people call me Brianna

8.1.1. My name is Breanna, pronounced Bre-anna. Many teachers have mispronounced my name multiple times.

8.2. when people say they hate One Direction

8.2.1. I think that saying you hate something is not right and i personally do not like it when it is directed towards my favorite band.

9. Memories

9.1. eating Sour Cream and Cheddar chips while sitting in my driveway.

9.1.1. When i was little, i used to have an obesession with Sour Cream and Cheddar potato chips and i used to eat them all the time.

9.2. putting a plastic slide into a kiddie pool and sliding into it.

9.2.1. Every summer my mom and dad would put my kiddie pool in the driveway and let me play.

10. Obsessions

10.1. One Direction

10.1.1. I love One Direction and every song they've ever made. Also, i love to listen to every song all the time.

10.2. The 1975

10.2.1. I am obsessed with every song from the 1975. Also, i listen to them all the time.

11. Indentities

11.1. sister

11.1.1. I have a little sister named Kayle.

11.2. daughter

11.2.1. I am my mom and dad's child.

12. Things I know about

12.1. playing the clarinet

12.1.1. I've been playing the clarinet for three years. I am first chair in the eighth grade band.

12.2. volleyball

12.2.1. I've been playing for three years. Also, I can jump serve.