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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. pet peeves

1.1. stupidity. I don't like it when people do things that are stupid.

2. goals

2.1. graduating highschool. i plan to graduate highschool

2.2. getting a job after graduating high school, i plan to get a job, or possibly go to college.

3. family

3.1. mom. i live with my mom.

3.2. dad. i live with my dad.

3.3. sister. i live with my sister.

4. memories

4.1. spending time at my friend c.j.'s house

4.2. playing with my dad as a kid

5. hobbies

5.1. watching anime. i enjoy watching anime and have been watching it for a few years.

5.2. reading manga. i enjoy reading manga.

5.3. playing video games. i enjoy playing videogames and usually play them everyday.

5.4. reading. i enjoy reading both books and manga.

6. worries/fears

6.1. touching bugs. i don't have a problem looking at bugs, but do not like touching them.

6.2. giving presentations. i have a fear of giving presentations.

7. friends

7.1. holly. we have been very good friends since 6th grade.

7.2. daniel. we have been friends since fourth grade.

7.3. jacob. my cousin who i am good friends with.

7.4. c.j. we have been friends for a very long time but do not get to hang out very often.

8. how i spend my days

8.1. watching anime. i have been watching anime for a few years and watch it a lot.

8.2. reading manga. whenever a chapter of a manga i like is translated i read it.

8.3. playing video games. i play games such as minecraft, skyrim, and team fortress 2 quite often.

9. things i know about

9.1. anime. i know enough about anime that i could recomend good anime to people who are new to it.

10. my identities

10.1. brother. i have an older sister

10.2. son. i have a mom and dad

10.3. student. i am currently a student.

10.4. boyfriend. i am dating someone.

11. music, t.v., video games, etc.

11.1. favorite song is unravel. unravel is the op theme song of the anime tokyo ghoul.

11.2. favorite video game is minecraft. i spend a lot of time playing minecraft.

11.3. favorite tv show is fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood. i really enjoyed watching it.