Kobe hayward

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Kobe hayward by Mind Map: Kobe hayward

1. hobbies

1.1. Soccer.

1.1.1. I have played soccer on a team since 1st grade and loved it ever since.

1.2. Snowboarding

1.2.1. Every year i go up to michigan, and one time canada to snowboard with my mom.

1.3. cars

1.3.1. I really like drawing and working on different cars.

2. Memories

2.1. Wisconsin

2.1.1. Every year, my family and I travel to Milwakee , Wisconsin to go to an oktober fest.

2.2. Old house

2.2.1. The old house where i used to live is where i mainly grew up.

2.3. My grandma

2.3.1. Some of my greatest memories are memories of my grandma and all the fun times we had together before she passed from obvarian cancer

3. Family

3.1. MoM

3.1.1. My mom has raised me by herself for most of my life.

3.2. Dad

3.2.1. My dad has always taken me places and hung out with me no matter what.

4. Goals

4.1. professional soccer player

4.1.1. It has always been my dream to play professional soccer for Germany's national futball team

4.2. Notre Dame!!!!

4.2.1. When I get out of highschool I am going to Notre Dame to pursue my soccer dreams by playing on the college team and get noticed by scouts.

5. My identities

5.1. Only child

5.1.1. I am the only child in my house

5.2. Soccer player

5.2.1. Soccer is my favorite sport and that is the only sport that i play on a team.

6. How i spend my days

6.1. soccer

6.1.1. When I get home and it is not raining I play soccer in my front yard or at kesling park.

6.2. Snowmobiling

6.2.1. In the winter I ride snowmobiles when i get home and have all my homework done. Also I ride with my friend on the weekends.