My Life Map

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My Life Map by Mind Map: My Life Map

1. How did I get to where I am today?

1.1. Family

1.1.1. Mom stayed at home throughout schooling previous Pharmaceutical Sales for Ortho Pharmaceuticals previous Sports Clubs of Canada club manager in Toronto caring and supportive strict but fair Post-secondary educated University of Windsor Volunteer community in my elementary school coaching Golfer

1.1.2. Dad highschool teacher sensitive and caring Post-secondary educated University of Western - Teacher's College University of Windsor - Bachelor of Arts Carpenter by trade Golfer

1.1.3. Extended Family Most reside in Windsor, Ontario Dad's Side Mom's Side

1.1.4. Only Child

1.1.5. God Mother Uxbridge, Ontario Elementary Principal Mom's best friend since she was very young

1.1.6. Pets always animals in the house 3 cats up till now 3 dogs up till now lots of fish

1.2. Environment

1.2.1. Huntsville, Ontario small town small group of friends not many stores spent time outdoors woods lake tourist destination busy summers quiet winters My home small cottage on the lake constantly doing renovations cozy and comfy

1.2.2. Guelph, Ontario second home first time living in a different place

1.3. Schooling

1.3.1. Spruce Glen Public School

1.3.2. Huntsville High School volleyball basketball concert band vocals tennis athletic association

1.3.3. University of Guelph lived in residence first year lived off campus in apartment for second and third year worked as Residence Assistant fourth year started in psychology but didn't enjoy the topic BAH Major Studio Art, Minor Marketing Management

1.3.4. Nipissing Univeristy able to live at home and go to school highly reputable teacher's college placement at Gravenhurst High School BED Visual Arts and Business (General) (In Progress)

2. What influenced the paths I have traveled and the directions I have taken?

2.1. Family

2.1.1. Parents post secondary education was always next step gave me full support to explore different interests always present in my education taught me how to enjoy school

2.2. Environment

2.2.1. Huntsville No post secondary Had to leave town for schooling after high school Only 1 high school same friends throughout childhood small town small supportive network of friends everyone knows everyone

2.2.2. Guelph new place, first time leaving home diverse community encouraged self discovery active community, many clubs/ organizations

2.3. Schooling

2.3.1. Elementary enjoyed art class most always drawing or colouring mid to high A's throughout participated in craft classes in town

2.3.2. Secondary didn't take any art courses because mind was on sciences/maths involved in music every year played sports and worked on athletic association creative in school play and often doodling/drawing graduated with 90% average going into university

2.3.3. Post- Secondary found Studio Art through first year Residence Assistant difficult first year experience being away from home and trying to find self persevered through hard time, became more confident and sure of myself met significant other through first year at Guelph

3. What influenced my decision to become a teacher?

3.1. Family

3.1.1. Parents Dad was teacher Saw the type of lifestyle Similar personality to me Was able to have career, support family and be present in my life Taught me in highschool, admired him as teacher Mom volunteered in School Encourage in and out of class Made school more enjoyable and transition easier

3.1.2. Extended Family Grandmother was an elementary teacher At least 5 other family members were teachers/administrators

3.2. Schooling

3.2.1. Elementary influential teachers encouraged me to learn safe and supportive environment

3.2.2. Secondary Mrs. Mcvittie different kind of teacher treated us like equals drew examples from pop culture ENG 4U Mr. Cecile interesting to have dad as a teacher admired his style, easy going but strict when needed independent work lots of differentiated learning treating students as equals, adults

3.2.3. Post Secondary Residence Assistant provided programming for first year students restorative justice approach to conflict resolution method of support and resources informational bulletin boards ran community meetings and keeping students up to date guided them through first year experience

3.3. Work

3.3.1. Supervisor at Ice Cream Store trained 14-18 year olds kept running smoothly, opened and closed store constantly working with high school age students

4. Where have my beliefs about teaching come from?

4.1. Family

4.1.1. what I have seen in my own home (Dad as a teacher)

4.1.2. what I have heard extended family talk about

4.1.3. what I have heard my parents talk (or argue) about

4.1.4. what I have heard family friends discuss with parents

4.1.5. my lived experiences with my family

4.2. Schooling

4.2.1. what I have overheard teachers talking about

4.2.2. what I have seen in the various classroom environments that I have been in (Elementary and Secondary)

4.2.3. the things I like about teachers stick out more than dislike

4.2.4. Nipissing Thus Far so much has already been learned in the little time I have been here! Expectations were on the right track but it had been a while since I had been in a school Practicum provides an amazing real life experience to learn everything you need to know

4.3. My Research

4.3.1. Additional research I did when applying to Teacher's College

4.3.2. fill in the pieces that I didn't know already

4.3.3. understand what you need to apply and what the process is

4.4. The Media

4.4.1. the way in which teachers are portrayed on TV, newspapers, online, etc.

4.4.2. The way that teachers are represented fictionally plays a role in understanding as well